Free Four-Player Shooter Aegis Wing For XBLA

Microsoft is planning to give Xbox Live users a nice little bonus in the coming weeks by giving away the Carbonated Games-developed shooter Aegis Wing for free. A press release snuck out on Microsoft's own Gamerscore Blog earlier today describing the Xbox Live Arcade release as a four-player "2-D side-scrolling space shooter that combines epic space combat with fantastic visuals... set to a rich symphonic soundtrack." The release has been removed and replaced with information on next week's release, Soltrio Solitaire.

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Close_Second4177d ago

Was sooooo looking forward to this until I read that its for North America only. I'm hoping the rest of us will get this (for free) at some stage as well.

I grew up on sideways and vertical scrolling shoot-em-ups. Xenon, Xenon II, 1942, Hybris, the R-Type series, etc, etc. I wish someone would release a next-gen sideways scroller with all the bells and whistles!

PhinneousD4177d ago

sweet deal.
btw xbla should implement a bonus system like this more often. the more xbla games/themes/pics purchased, you should be rewarded with something, like more points.