1UP Previews God of War for the PSP

The first PSP God of War title, Chains of Olympus, developed primarily by Ready At Dawn along with Santa Monica peering over its shoulders. The game looks to be one of the first truly major releases for PSP.

The primary message Sony is trying to get across for the game is that it's going to be just as epic a game on PSP as it has been on PS2. The developers aren't focused on a secondary character or a simplified concept because it's a portable game.

Rather than present the game as a prequel or a bridge between God of War 1 and 2, the developers have latched on to a specific part of Kratos' timeline to tell the story this time out. Specifically, the 10 years in which Kratos wasn't fighting against the Gods so much as fighting for them.

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Premonition4267d ago

They still havent sent me my demo.

gta_cb4267d ago

sucks dude, i wanted one, but it didnt have a bit where i could choose to live in the UK so i couldnt register =( ... ohwell i WILL get this game =)

kingofps34267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

First of all, relax!! Secondly, nobody has gotten the demo UMD anyways. You still can register to receive one on the GOW website. So, I think the demo is months away:(

gta_cb4267d ago

like the look of this, and cant wait to try it out!