9 Things We Can Tell You About Halo 3: ODST

this is not the review. That will come later, closer to the game's actual release date. This is a hands-on preview-or rather a look at the small list of things not on Bungie's do-not-reveal list.

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Gabe EatsWell5197d ago (Edited 5197d ago )

One thing I can tell you about it:
It's utter trash.

5197d ago
SaberEdge5196d ago

Gee thanks, PS3 fanboys. I don't know what we would do without you to tell us which games are good. Now, please go climb back under that rock you came from.

Personally, I am going to be enjoying this great game, along with Uncharted 2, while you guys continue to whine and carry on in your absurd fanboy ways.

TROLL EATER5197d ago

Audio logs sound interesting

Sarcasm5197d ago

The Audio logs tie into the story. It also has some that tells what happen to new Mombasa while they were first getting attacked.

GameGambits5197d ago

This game/expansion/w.e is setting the worst example of all time. A lot of game developers will probably look at this and see it as a method for giving you a lot less to extract a lot more from you.

It starts with crap DLC being over priced and then now you have DLC being peddled to you as a full game.

Nothing good will come from this game. Believe it.

Ron_Burgundy5197d ago

1. flop
2. flop
3. floppin
4. floppin some more
5. flop
6. f*%#in flop
7. flop again
8. flopin crazy
9. flop

Nelson M5197d ago

Halo ODST is Gonna Absoluley SUck !!!

Spike475197d ago

That's my prediction, although this game will have a profusion of 10s and 9s just because the title starts with "Halo".