Tecmo Bowl returns in 2008

With newly revealed plans to revive the Tecmo Bowl franchise in 2008, Tecmo joins Visual Concepts in an attempt to prove that football games can be fun without NFL trademarks.

Ironic -- considering that the original Tecmo Bowl was the first sports game to popularize the use of official licenses (Tecmo Bowl was an NFLPA licensed game).

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Inasid4177d ago

Well I am excited. I was awaiting news for this game, once the revived the Ninja Gaiden series.

ITR4177d ago

Wholly Sh!t I was just asking for this yesterday!

harpua4177d ago

tecmo bowl is one of my top 5 fav all-time games. still play it with an EMU.

sumfood4u4176d ago

I played this game a lil more than Mike Tyson Punch out! BTW did u guys ever notice back in the days it take like 2-3 hours 2 play an or beat Mike Tyson Punchout, or SMB2 or 3 but not it get beats in like 25 minutes. That's a Crazy Nostalgic I went thru!

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