Jeff Minter jumps Aboard the Anti-Sony Bandwagon

Whilst you have to respect any man (apart from Wacko Jacko) who keeps Llamas, makes mind-bogglingly strange games and defiantly chooses to live out in rural West Wales, you also have to agree that Jeff Minter is put it mildly, a bit strange.

The man who created Hover Bovver for the C64 back in 1983 is perhaps best well known for Llamasoft and more recently for the Xbox360 interactive visualiser which he calls "The first step into a future filled with beauty, light, creativity and fun". Being in his brain must be ace!

It seems that Minter really has fallen for the 360 dream, judging by his latest comments in his new, regular Edge magazine sound-off. Speaking about ambling into his local Carmarthen branch of GAME whilst enjoying a nice Cornish pasty, and being baffled at not wanting to put his name down on the PS3 pre-order list, Minter has a few harsh words to say about Sony.

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Marriot VP6295d ago

see even eccentrics aren't fooled.

Shadow Flare6294d ago

the guy looks like a homeless tramp

microsoft probably gave him $100 and a bar of soap to make him become anti-sony

maybe he was one of peter moore's old homeless friends when he lost his job in sega dreamcast haha

crazy hobo's

CAPS LOCK6295d ago

here is a clear example of an overgrown x-box fanboy. he bashes sony even though the ps3 hasn't launched which clearly shows that A. he acyually doesnt own an x-box or B. he is dissapointed with it and wants to make himself feel better by bashing sony...hmm maybe he is doing ot because he cant refund his x-box.

no offence to x-box fanboys, mircosoft is a great company :)

Islandkiwi6295d ago

Loved the Psp/Ds analogy. No idea if it's accurate, as I can't stand portable gaming. But it's funny.

HaHa6295d ago

and you my friend are a FOOL

specialguest6295d ago (Edited 6295d ago )

i dont know, but this guy's statments seems valid to me. some of the things he said are real concerns and are true to a point. lets be honest(from one Sony supporter to another),the PS3, base on this past E3 didn't really live up to the hype(i know, it's still in its early phase.) as for the PSP, i own one and love it for all of its homebrew/non-gaming abilities, but it's getting its plasticass whooped by DS in the gaming department.