IGN: Halo 3 Beta Bonanza

Tonight, May 11, 2007, Microsoft opens the Halo 3 Beta to the press. At 5pm PST, IGN will have access to the most anticipated beta in gaming history. All through the weekend, IGN will be bringing you hands-on impressions, videos and screens from the beta.

The Halo 3 Beta, which goes live to those registered on May 16, features three multiplayer maps: Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound. In the public version of the Beta, only matchmaking multiplayer is allowed. But who cares, right, it's a chance to play Halo 3 early!

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MoonDust4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Drool It looks sooooo SWWWEEEETTTT, im a IGN member.

gta_cb4230d ago

yeh it does look pretty sweet dont it! =) cant wait, only 3 more days? =D

dachiefsman4231d ago

Do you really expect us to believe that you would actually take time out to tell everyone that you are playing the demo before the rest of us.....

gta_cb4230d ago

kinda embarrassing isnt it! lol

gta_cb4230d ago

does this mean that the beta is going to be in HD! =D
i was always unsure about betas and demos as i have only RECENTLY got my first HDREADY TV =D and yeh it is sweet! =P

btw you lucky git! lol and i bet you have been having loads of fun.

dachiefsman4229d ago

Well I hope that you are having fun.....I can wait a couple more days!

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