KOF Maximum Impact 2 hits Europe in the autumn

Ignition has announced the autumn European release of King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 for the PlayStation 2.

Maximum Impact 2 is produced by the acclaimed SNK artist and designer, Falcoon, and builds on the frantic gameplay of the first title. The game features 24 characters selectable from the get go, with plenty of other unlockable fighters to discover. The fighting system has also been tweaked, improving the familiar control system from the first game.


Samurai Shodown V And More King Of Fighters Game Slash On To PS3

More of SNK Playmore’s fighting games are about to be re-released as PlayStation 3 compatible PS2 Classics in Japan.

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Top 10 Sexiest Fighting Game Characters

Lee here, with another top 10 list! Staying on the theme of sexiest, today I’m looking at the top 10 sexiest fighting game characters! I’m trying to mix this up so as many different games as possible get a representative! This list has taken some serious thought, as the pool to choose from here is large; large like some of the assets these girlies are packing, you know what I mean…

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BeefJack: The King Of Fighters Storyline Retrospective: Part Four

BeefJack writes: "Prepare for the final part of the King of Fighters Storyline Retrospective. Part Four will bring us right up to date with the King of Fighters storyline just in time for the UK release of King of Fighters XII. You know the drill right now; sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the final part of the story, so far."

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