Rumour: Rock Band to jam on Wii

A GameSpot reader tipped Gamespot off this week to a focus group held for Harmonix and MTV's upcoming Rock Band, and the tip contained a number of interesting scraps for those anticipating the game.

First and foremost, the focus group participant said that testers specifically said the game, already announced on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, would be coming to the Wii as well. On top of that, they were told that the game's set list will feature nothing but original artists, and that the drum peripheral (which Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos promised would be "a really impressive piece of hardware") will feature a drum with a kick pedal and real sticks.

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Odiah4230d ago

You might aswell just start a real band.

ITR4230d ago

I hear you can buy a guitar/mic and drums for it.

I think the total cost was est around $250-300 bucks.

Too much money.