Project Gamers: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

Tim from Project Gamers writes: Its too bad magic wands don't actually exist. Then it would be easy and effortless to fix all the problems with the new Harry Potter game. In fact, it would probably cost as much effort as the developers put into making the game. The Half-Blood Prince falls into the same category most movie games reside in: the suck category. But the story of the Half-Blood Prince is a tragic one, since this game had the potential to be something great. The elements are there, but the game just does not change as you play through it. Almost all should stay away from this rendition of the HP games, except crazy Potter fans and trophy whores.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Potter books/movies series (begs the question why do you care about the video game), the Half-Blood Prince is the 6th story in the series and its one where Harry finds himself closer to his destiny duel with the dark Lord Voldemort (who isn't in this game…at all). The game follows the plot of the book (with a few changes of course) as you take control of the legendary Harry Potter and help him track down Horcruxes with Professor Dumbledore. In the game you do everything an adolescent wizard should be doing: mixing potions, playing quidditch, dueling with wands, and having awkward interactions with girls. The sad thing is, thats the exact and only things that happen in this game, over and over again.

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