Warhawk Beta Confirmed

Someone at PS3Forums received an email about the Warhawk Beta via Sony's RLS program. All you have to do is complete a survey for a chance to get invited into the beta.

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BIadestarX4181d ago

Is this a new thing now? Betas? You see microsoft what you started!? Now Sony has to do the Beta thing too. Now releasing beta test games will be the new thing.

BBsin4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

My friend was invited to a beta testing for this RPG game called "diablo 2" back in 99 (or was it 98??) when he was still in collage in California.... so is your post based on sarcasm or did you just recently find out that the word "beta testing" is used as a short way of saying "incomplete game testing"??

BIadestarX4181d ago

Let me guess your friend was invited for a public beta? for what console? cause I hope you are smart enough to assume I am not talking about PC games.. right? I am talking about consoles.

Kyur4ThePain4181d ago

Are you a moron, or just high?

BBsin4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

well... let me ask you this bladestar. Do you think Microsoft first started beta testings on console games??? or do you think Microsoft is the first company to start using the word beta??? I would assume that since you didn't mean PC beta testings that you probably think there hasn't been a console beta testing before Halo (or the Xbox). Either way, Microsoft isn't the first to have beta testings on console nor did they invent the word "beta". The only reason why i bother asking you is b/c i think the only reason why you posted in this topic in the first place was to stir some mini fanboy war or fan an arguement between sony and xbox fanboys.

Siesser4181d ago

I beta tested Killzone, Ractchet and Clank: Deadlock, and GTA4 for online play back on the PS2. Beta's been around.

BIadestarX4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Ofcourse I know what the word beta means.. I use it all the time during the development cycle of any of the programs I write.

Beta - Traditionally, a step in the software development process where completed software is tested by "real-life" users to find bugs or design issues that may have been overlooked in the formal testing.

@Kyur4ThePain, why you ask?

Ok, I will make it simple for you guys the get the point I was trying to make.

Name a title that released a public beta for any console (before the xbox 360) as a PS2, PS1, Snes or other consoles.. when was the last time you participated in a public beta? Which titles? And i am not talking about private beta testing where you have to sign a form and you have to be aproved and companies send you a disk and you have to return reports about it (I've done that).

Anyways.. the way I see it.. since the distribution of games are so easy with the PSN or xbox live... expect most game to do beta testing... this sure will save them lots of money paying beta testers.

You people are so quick to draw the guns. Damn... relax.. you are not getting pay for this. I never said that Microsoft invented the word beta nor game beta testing though I can guaranteed you they probably used the word software before sony did, since they are a software company. but, that's besides the point.

What I said was "You see microsoft what you started!?"... I believe now beta testing will not be limited to a limited number of testers.. or that companies will not have to pay beta testers like before... instead... most games will offer beta testing to the regular joe... without any hasle.

Beta testing will be like demos... you download and play it.

MikeMichaels4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

I've beta tested around a dozen online titles (just by singing up at, or if you've ever mailed in that playstation underground thingy that comes with every game you're already a memeber, just use the email you gave to sign in) on PS2 ranging from stuff like Auto Modelista to KZ, Hotshots 4, R&C, the SOCOM's..a few PSP games.

The list goes on and on.

...i don't think it really matters who was doing what first though. It's embarrassing (and funny) the way some people go on here. lol

Back on topic. This game is gonna be fun as hell though and it's good to know some of us can get an early crack at it.

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lil bush4181d ago

yeah and im not a fan of that.......

XxZxX4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

LOL Microsoft started? Ya right... don't make me laugh. I have been in Sony public beta program since 2003 with socom II beta. Who's copying who. It just mean you have very limited one-sided view. Since Microsoft doing beta lately, that's mean they started this new trend..wooooooo

It's not hard, all you have to do, is just be an active members in and you will keep getting invitation to Sony first Party beta. I'm now beta testing home.

Russbomb4181d ago

Betas have been going on for generations, (consoles that is)
its just that normally there isn't much news about them until they have started betaing a much larger audience of people like Halo 3 and there crackdown thing.
glad I could help

snoop_dizzle4181d ago

he doesn't want to play a beta of the game because getting the full game when its released wont be as cool if hes played a beta of it already.

I don't think hes saying that betas are useless.

XxZxX4181d ago

betas usually have more depth than demo. Public beta usually are pretty much bug free. It's more on marketting than actually bug reporting.

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