New BlackSite: Area 51 Screens

10 new screenshots of BlackSite: Area 51 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Silverwolf4481d ago

Has anyone played it yet? How does look and play?

gta_cb4480d ago

i downloaded it last night, but i havnt got to try it out yet =( and wont be able to for another ... 2 hours prob! =( ohwell they do say good things come to those who wait =) so that must mean it should be amazing! oh and by the look of EliteGamer's comment it does =D cant wait to try it out =D

NextGen24Gamer4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

Those screen shots are ingame and the demo on the 360 is unbelievable. Think....Resistance....But waaaaaaaay better graphics and alien design. All I can say is "WOW"...Its a must have game for me now. The demo rocks...You get to fight 3 different alien types and you get a machine gun, grenades, and pistol in the demo.....The rain and water is unbelievable as well. I'm very very impressed folks. If you have a the demo..."NOW"....

P.S. The gameplay is great as well....Runs solid with absolutely no slowdown and there is a lot going on when the aliens are attacking...the explosions are nice and the physics is top notch stuff. As you can tell...I'm very hyped about this game thanks to playing the demo on xbox live. WOW

gta_cb4480d ago

first of all i CANT believe someone actually disagreed with you for speaking your PERSONAL opinion of a game which you HAVE played and they probadly havnt! its really annoying when people do that, i read all of your comment and nothing biases init.

oh and i spose your going to be buying the game when it comes out then lol, just woundering if anyone can tell me when its comming out?

RedSeven4481d ago

To be honest, when I downloaded this trailer off the PSNetwork I wasn't really impressed. The framerate looked choppy and it just diddn't have anything attractive for me. It reminded me of F.E.A.R. for the PS3, which was a good game, but kind of qwerky.

redzone4481d ago

agreed. the demo is wicked fun, and a lot of objects to destroy... like that vending machine. also squad commands remind me of rainbow six

tony4481d ago

nothing against this game but im getting tired of the unreal engine 3.

ImTheNumber124480d ago

The thing about using UE3 though is, with titles like this, it makes the game look far better than building from the ground up. Since it's not Midway's strongest or best selling title (I think maybe that goes to MK and Unreal?), you'd probably would have gotten an engine a lot worse than this.

gta_cb4480d ago

i am just woundering why? is it becasue like ImTheNumber12 said alot of titles are using it? is it because you think the games could look a lot better with a different engine like the new one which is being used?
because like ImTheNumber12 said if they didnt use the U3 engine then they could have used something MUCH worse and then the end result wouldnt have been good!
i for one am really looking forward to playing this demo 2night, surround sound on playing it in the dark on my HDREADY tv (1080i)

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The story is too old to be commented.