Forza 1 vs Forza 2 Comparison Video

Side by side comparison video of Forza Motorsport (Xbox) and Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360).

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Phlapp4274d ago

Not sure why they have done this! What are they trying to get accross?

hulk_bash19874274d ago

Well...usually wen someone is comparing an old iteration of a game wid an upcoming sequel its usually to show how the game has progressed from the previous. Or it could b an attempt to start a flame war. Either one.

PhinneousD4274d ago

just shows how good forza 1 still holds up.

Lyberator4274d ago

Theres the details like the reflection of the sun and trees off the cars and the glossiness of them in forza 2.

Scrooge4274d ago

Wow, Forza 1 looks great! Cant wait for Forza 2.

InMyOpinion4274d ago

It really makes me hope that the final version of Forza 2 will look better than the demo. I know I'll love the game, but the graphics don't impress me. The graphical difference between Forza 1 and 2 should be bigger than this.

Close_Second4274d ago

...F2 just looks like a slightly polished HD version of F1. I have said it before and I'll say it again, the reflections in F2 suck! Not only do they feature pop up but cars are not reflected either.

Oh yes, on my HD screen the hood of the car in F2 looks jaggy...disappointing.

Bathyj4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

To people complaining this is unnecessary and makes flame wars, I disagree. Comparing F2 to GT creates flames. Whos arguing with a Forza 1 to Forza 2 comparison? Are XB1 fans ganging up on X360 fans? Um, dont think so. So whats the problem? Its just to see how the series has progressed.

One thing I've got to say about the demo. Everyones complaining about the graphics. They dont bother me, they're ok, not great. I just pray you can change the control method. I really hate this insistance that Xbox racers have for Accelerate and brake being on the triggers. I hate this method. Most games you can change it but some you cant. (In fairness its usually the lighter arcade type racers you cant change it.) On the demo the gear changes are on X and B. Very unintuitive for me. I like the gears on the triggers and accelerate and brake on the right analouge stick like an RC car or failing that on A and X.

I'm gonna have to wait and see on this one. I know it sounds petty, but unnatural controls on a game like this could be a gamebreaker for me. I'm pretty sure they will have options in the full game so it should be ok.

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The story is too old to be commented.