The Secret World Might Be Microsoft's Killer App writes:

"This is not just another multiplayer game featuring humans and comic-book monsters in an urban setting like Prototype or Infamous. More than three years in development, The Secret World aims to break free from the old constraints of other MMO titles. That means no more leveling up characters, grinding for XP, or being locked in to a particular set of skills. This is a game that spans the entire world, and blurs the line between the real, the virtual and the mythological for its inhabitants. The game will be entirely story-driven, and take players through environments as varied as New York, London, Egypt, Africa and Asia."

clinker5016d ago

There are two games that I am excited about for 2010. They are Deus Ex 3 and this game.

What I like about Microsoft is that their lineup caters to a slightly older, sci-fi geek demographic.

Silellak5015d ago

On one hand, it's an MMO...from Funcom, no less. I have an innate dislike for that genre. On the other hand, some of the ideas sound interesting and innovative.

I'll see what people have to say, so I guess.

StanLee5015d ago

Wait, hold up. I don't log in as often anymore but when was it announced this game wont be coming to the PS3?

KingKionic 5015d ago

Well the debut trailer always said pc and xbox 360 .

Lightsaber5015d ago

"Age of Conan and Anarchy Online games, there is some serious pedigree"

It more like wearing a sign that says "yes are games suck"

"But I agree, it's yet another non-360 exclusive and the problem with MS being able to have true 360 exclusives continues.. This is certainly nothing that gives the 360 any advantage because most people would just rather play it on the PC, especially an MMO."

So when we are talkin about FF14 and all those great ps3 mmo's its like saying

But I agree, it's yet another non-ps3 exclusive and the problem with Sony being able to have true ps3 exclusives continues.. This is certainly nothing that gives the ps3 any advantage because most people would just rather play it on the PC, especially an MMO.

"Pc isn't really MS. They don't make any money off of pc games"

You have to be retarded if you didnt know that MS owns windows and make money off it. So yes every time you buy a game for the pc ms gets there cut of it the same as if you were buying it on the 360.

SuperM5015d ago

has nothing to do with Microsoft. So it cant be Microsofts next killer app.

The game is made by Funcom who are primarily a PC developer, but is also starting to take on the 360 with Age of Conan and now this game. The only reason they arent making this for the PS3 is because they arent used with that kind of architecture. They are used to PC development, and 360 is pretty much like a PC.

If microsoft had anything to do with this game the first thing they would do is probably to scrap the PC version so they can force people to buy a 360 to play it.

Pekka5015d ago

I am suprised that so many people think that Age of Conan has been successful. In fact, it has been a horrible flop and I doubt servers are even up for much more than 1 year from now (right now there are around 200k active accounts). And 360 version is just vaporware which is never going to be released. Just think, PC version requires 35 GB from HDD. I doubt they could release so big game on 360 (even 20 GB 360 owners couldn't even play the game). And if it gets released it will not even get 100k sales.

MMO's are has never been very successful on consoles. FF XI is the only MMO on console that has had some success but even there most players are playing with PC.

Even if secret world were exclusive to 360, it would at best see sales of 300-400k worldwide (lifetime). Console owners just don't care about MMO's. And it would not definitely be a system seller. And neither do I except any PS3 MMO to be much more successful. Even FF XIV is going to be happy to get even past 1 million on PS3.

ABizzel15015d ago

I'm really interested in this game now, since I have a game concept that is somewhat similar to this.

They can't claim to be the first console MMO since DC Universe is on it's way out in 2010 as well so we'll have to see who launches first (and wasn't FF11 on 360?).

Anywho this game peeks my interest and hopefully we'll hear a lot more about it come 2010.

2010 The best year for video games ever.

God of War
Halo Reach
Mass Effect 2
Heavy Rain
Bioshock 2
Red Dead Redemption
Max Payne
Call of Duty: Whatever
Dark Void
Lost Planet 2
PS3 and 360 motion controls
Final Fantasy 13 (outside of Japan)
The Secrect World
DC Universe
Alan Wake
Splinter Cell
Crackdown 2
Dead Rising 2
Possible PS3 3D gaming
Starcraft 2
No More Heroes 2
Metroid Other M
Possible Zelda
FF 14
Dante's Inferno (still upset about the God of War rip)
Champions Online
The Agency
White Knight Chronicles (I think it's 2010)
Not to mention all console should be starting the year off at a new low price meaning more gamers (Wii we're waiting on you).

So basically I just crushed everyone's arguments and proved that 2010 will be the best year for gaming. It may not be the best year for a specific console, but overall it's the best.

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wxer5016d ago

"The Secret World Might Be Microsoft's Killer App"


yah sure .......

clinker5016d ago

What is Sony's "Killer App"?

I'm really interested to know what people think.

coolirisGB5016d ago

Some stupid ass Sony fanboy loser says it won't because says it could.

Yah sure...

wxer5016d ago


so offensive

all i wanted to point is
that web site is a fanboys web site
hyping and overrating stuff always starts from websites like this

you cant take fonboys websites seriously

wxer5016d ago (Edited 5016d ago )

"Some stupid ass Sony fanboy loser says it won't because says it could.

Yah sure..."

i dont think you troll less than i do

you are on damage control just because you know fanboys websites always hype stuff

killer app ?

any game could be a killer app
no one really knows what a game would turn out like
and how gamers well receive it
the thing is no one knows anything about this game
only a Trailer and that’s it

wow the guys at
must be very good to know if a game is killer app or not just by looking at the trailer

right ?

DonCorneo5015d ago

this title fits the bots, who are a bunch of autistic retards living in their own imaginary world. in there, they dress like women and play with dolls while their brokebox is out for repairs.

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coolirisGB5016d ago

If so it's a good thing it's console exclusive we don't need anymore *one console has higher resolution* articles/battles like always.

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Grandreaper99995016d ago

If it's a PC game as well, how does that make it "Microsoft's Killer App?" Just curious.

Ahhhh I get it now, it's an exclusion thing.

Regardless, I'm still signed up, excited as hell, and ready to play it on PC.

Question: Do Players on XboxLive get to play with players on PC? And is there a sub fee for the people playing on either?

"Some people are even proclaiming that 2010 will be "the year of the PS3". We're not quite ready to hand victory over to Sony, and neither is Microsoft."

I had to stop reading there. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.. They sound like a boxer on their second knockdown or something.

D4RkNIKON5015d ago

You do know that PC is still MS right?

GiantEnemyCrab5015d ago (Edited 5015d ago )

If it's Games for Windows then MS will be benefiting from it. Notice the title doesn't say "Xbox 360 Killer App".

But I agree, it's yet another non-360 exclusive and the problem with MS being able to have true 360 exclusives continues.. This is certainly nothing that gives the 360 any advantage because most people would just rather play it on the PC, especially an MMO.

I thought MS was learning with Halo 3, Gears 2, etc but it seems to me they will continue this approach and people will continue to say the 360 has no exclusives and they are mostly correct.

dktxx25015d ago

Pc isn't really MS. They don't make any money off of pc games. Only if they publish it. its not the same as consoles.

aldesko5015d ago (Edited 5015d ago )

MS won't make any money off the game on Windows, I don't know why people keep saying that. And a killer app is something that pushes you to get a piece of hardware or software. Nobody's going to think "OMG, I need to get Windows so I can play The Secret World!"

Anyways, I doubt we'll be seeing this on consoles, just like Funcom's last MMO (Age of Conan) that was supposed to come out on 360. I really don't see how it would work, anyways. From what I've read, the action is very fast-paced and probably requires you to use your 1-9 keys for abilities. Playing with a controller could be awkward.

likedamaster5015d ago

"Do Players on XboxLive get to play with players on PC?"

Don't know whether this game will have it exactly but FFXI has cross-platform play and a few other non-MMO titles do as well.

dangert125015d ago

Because They Floped With The Games That Where Suppose To Be Out This Fall.And While Microsoft Is Promoting Mostly The Games That Are Coming This Fall Ps3 Can Only Look To Next Year Apart From A Few Big Games After Xmas We Will See What Xbox Have For Us

xLordOblivionx5015d ago


BWS19825015d ago (Edited 5015d ago )

most people (not all, but most) already have Windows of some sort, it's not exclusive to the purpose of gaming, and many maybe not even for gaming at all, it comes with almost any computer already (well played on MS's part I suppose). So when someone says "well MS still get's your money because you need windows" I still don't get it. I'm not talking about upgrading a PC so you can play the latest and greatest, as MS sells software, not GPU's...People aren't buying Windows just for games, you don't hear "It's an OS mover", you instead hear "It's a system mover"...

I already had Windows, it came with a combo deal when I bought my i7 CPU off Newegg for my new rig, so MS already got my money with Windows prior to when I bought Mass Effect 1 and Gears 1 for PC, and chose it regardless of future gaming. For some people, it was a part of the PC package they bought. I could have been just buying it for graphics rendering (which is partly why I have it), and now I just so happen to be able to buy Gears 1 and SC: Conviction too...It's apples and oranges, people. Nobody happens to have a 360 sitting around for anything other than games, but an OS, yes...MS knows this misconception and deals with it by limiting their top tier games to 360 only, because most people already have a copy of windows for their PC's and whether it came with it or not, it doesn't benefit them the same way "Oh, I need to buy a 360 for that game" does. They keep Halo 3 and Gears 2, so far, and some other exclusives, off the PC because they know this, that the argument "they still get your money" is full of holes. Sure MS published Gears 1 for PC, and hence my point, I'm not trying to stick it to MS anyways, I don't "hate them" per se, I just prefer my PS3 for having one console for now. A PC is a very ubiquitous product, and so is the OS that they use, and as a result, you can't argue because as was said above "people aren't running out to buy Windows" just for a game, that notion is reserved for a console, and hence, the Halo 3/Gears 2/Fable 2/Alan Wake/Forza 3 effect.

I don't think I'm dodging MS entirely by getting Mass Effect on a PC, or Splinter Cell Conviction for PC, but I also was going to buy Windows whether I got new games or not, because all my graphics software/files and previous games run on it, and I'm familiar with it. I don't even intend to "dodge" MS anyways, I just can't afford a 360 right now on top of things, and don't have the patience or money to deal with its design flaws, so MS didn't gain anything when compared to a 360 only title. But my point stands, you just can't play a "MS still gets your $$, ha ha" card, most people are past the decision to get Windows and it's moot...that argument always baffles me.

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