Red Orchestra mod Darkest Hour release trailer

For those who don't know, Red Orchestra is a realistic WW2 shooter focused on the Eastern Front of WW2. There are three mod projects currently in development which are all aiming to enhance the experience of the players by focusing on different campaigns:
Mare Nostrum ( is set in the African Theatre of WW2.
Carpathian Crosses ( is focused on the Romanian conflict of WW2.
Darkest Hour ( allows players to experience the invasion in Normandy.
All the mod teams have had great support from Tripwire Interactive as they themselves know how tough it can be to develop a mod as winners of Epics Make Something Unreal competition with Red Orchestra.

All three mod projects are promising something different but using Red Orchestra's realistic gameplay approach and the Darkest Hour mod team has just released a tantalising trailer, check the link on the Red Orchestra websites news page.

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