Rainbow Six Denied

Unfortunately, it seems as though Nintendo fans won't be seeing Rainbow Six: Vegas on the Wii any time soon. Despite the supposedly "leaked" release list and accidental Ubisoft site update, which displayed Wii as a supported console earlier this week, company representatives gave the following statement to IGN earlier today:

"Rainbow Six Vegas has been announced and is currently being developed for the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 platforms, and is not in development for any other consoles at this time."

When asking whether or not an alternate Rainbow Six title was in the works for Wii, Ubisoft offered no official comment.

Marriot VP6171d ago

I can see why. I don't want the arcade feeling of FPS, TPS, or RPG's. You guys remember the arcade weapons you'd use to shoot people with on the screen. It's dumbed down, over simplified, and innaccurate. Although a Wii remote would be worse, it'd be 10+ feet away from your TV, not arcades 2 feet max.

No arcade shooters or games for me sorry, I'm taking a stance against Wii.

Cyclonus6171d ago

Rainbow Six: Vegas runs on Unreal Engine 3. I just don't think the Wii can do the engine justice. Unfortunately, this will probably the first of many graphically intensive games not being ported to the Wii...thats why companies like Ubisoft are making games like Red Steel; creating original IPs for Wii that caters to the console's strengths.

Dustin_c_miller20086171d ago

well at least we know wii has a different line up of games.

The great Me6169d ago (Edited 6169d ago )

I think that Red Steel is also using the Unreal 3 engine, but your are probably right that the engine won't be fully utilized on the wii.

Well ignore this, i could swear that I saw it listed on wikipedia under games using the engine just yesterday but it isn't there today so...