L4D2 Impressions -- From the Boycott man himself

l4d2boycott.proboards.com: "We stood around for about two or three minutes in a totally empty reception area. Then one of the Valve staff walks by and asks us if we need help or if we're waiting on someone and we explain we're waiting on Chet. In short order we're greeted by another Valve staff member, Chet had been tied up in a meeting. I'm going to go ahead and say it was Erik that gave us the tour, even though that might not be right. Valve takes up the entire 10th floor, part of the 11th and 9th and a few offices on the 8th. We were only touring the 10th and part of the 9th, we were told that there's another "game design group" on the 11th; but details were purposefully vague. I think that Valve is working on a new project or it's Episode 3 in progress.

It's right about here that I think I should mention that Valve never asked us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement we get to write about everything we have seen. We were also allowed to take pictures just about everywhere, although I was so busy asking questions and getting answers that I didn't take all that many pictures."

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Nihilism5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

"I think that Valve is working on a new project or it's Episode 3 in progress. "

well speculation it may be.........but speculation from inside the valve headquarters is more valid than pachter spouting from his soapbox with no clue, let us hope this is true, too many vavle haters at present, we need HL3 to restore valve apon the fps throne

and yes i know that's not relevant to the L4D2 article, but that's far more interesting to me than details of a re-hash of a game half done

( don't tell me how it is i paid $99aus for it....and it sucked)

Raf1k15424d ago

I think it'll be at least 4 years after the release of HL2:Ep3 before we know anything about HL3.

I think there was about a 6 year gap between HL and HL2.

Nihilism5424d ago

that's a crazy wait but valve and blizzard are two companies that really make critically acclaimed games ( every time), and as with anything that good they take their time....the next tool album for example guaranteed good sh!t

Pandamobile5423d ago

Episode 3, Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 are what we know Valve are working on. I really wonder what else there could be :O

Blaze9295423d ago

You know...why am I starting to feel as if this whole "boycott" thing is a big fake marketing/publicity scheme....

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Biggunz5423d ago

The 11th floor is where that fatass Newell keeps his snacks.

Obama5423d ago

So Gabe is such a fatas* that he has to eat people's soul too?

Silentmerc3nary5423d ago

He may not be the fittest person ever, but he and his team sure do create one hell of a game.

PS3PCFTW5422d ago

close your eyes and picture jabba da hut from star wars.

now put gabe newelss head on jabba da huts body.....he actually looks to be in better shape that way


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ozone30005423d ago

lol "asked not to talk about"
they told me that when i play tested there but if i say anything i just dont get invited back so dont expect another tour haha.

HDgamer5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Game is not worth the buy IMO.

Nice phantom fanboy disagree

Pandamobile5423d ago

Then don't buy it. How hard is that?

KingKionic 5423d ago

pretty easy i think pandamobile .

HDgamer5423d ago

Explain why it's worth the buy fanboy.

KILLERAPP5423d ago

You have to let them be, if there going to buy the Halo ODST and they think is a sweet deal, then buying the sequel of a game that came in no less than 12 months latter is not that bad.

enjoi1875423d ago

i tired to think the same thing my self when i bought mgs4 for $60 for 4 hours of gameplay...quite sad.

Pandamobile5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Maybe because I put two hundred hours of game time into the first game, and I'll enjoy playing it with my friends, same as the first.

And you're a little touchy, aren't you, big guy.

You respond to "Then don't buy it. How hard is that?" with "Explain why it's worth the buy fanboy."

Tone down the fanboy rage a bit.

HDgamer5423d ago

How is it rage when I want to know why it's a buy? This game won't have more than 6 hours of gameplay just like the last game. The multiplayer will be the same, basically this game is just the same thing.

Pandamobile5422d ago

The game is infinitely replayable if you play with 3 good friends. I can honestly say that I don't play much L4D any more, but I've never had more fun in a game then when I'm playing with my real friends.

5422d ago
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KILLERAPP5423d ago

Who made these guys the king of the boycott group what about us, I want to play the game today, where is my ticket?