Japanese Publishers Stress PS3, Patching

A number of third party executives gathered on 7/6 at a press meeting hosted in Tokyo by Japan's CESA (Computer Entertainment Software Association). Big names like Square Enix president Yoichi Wada and Bandai Namco Games' vice president Shin Unozawa shared thoughts on the future of gaming.

bernie6557d ago

PS3, "an opportunity for the developers to save money on bug testing", what a ridiculous idea.

andy capps6557d ago

Seems like MS already cleared the way for this with DOA4 and CoD2.

No seriously, I hope that devs don't start getting lazy in not making sure their products work correctly before being launched. Gamers are paying big money for their products and if they are not working correctly out of the box, that is unacceptable. Then it'll be just as bad as the PC. While PC games are nice because they can be patched later, it also makes it easier for a developer to rush things just to get the game out, and it is unplayable for gamers for some time.

ACE6556d ago

they prob dont have time to test there games lol so they will ship them brocken it get worse for sony i kind of feel sorry for them ,, but then again they are arogant fukers so what ever .......... i wonder what the fony droids are thinking now lol this is funny

ACE6556d ago

developers won't have to work so hard to find the zaniest bugs ...................

lol what a joke so they will let there customers do that for them lol after there customer spends like $70-$90 what a joke

TOM6557d ago

why pay for beta testers if you can ship it broken and fix it later. customers be damned. Look at it this way,if you wait for them to patch the game before buying ,you can get it for less than the 60 or 70 buck they are thinking of asking and at the same time show the developers that shipping beta crap isnt gonna fly like it does on the pc....lets hope

CAPS LOCK6557d ago

very ridiculous(lol i dont know what u mean could u clearify more)

PS360PCROCKS6557d ago

pretty much and of course he thinks the PS3 will see

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gold_drake1d 4h ago

i dont see how that is so outrages.

Eonjay2h ago

"A woman looking for a job in gamedev was asked by the recruiter for a naked sauna session as one of the conditions of employment."

I don't know...

purple10134m ago

but they do sauna all the time in Finland, Sweden all those countries, right>>? hehe


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Nerdmaster12h ago

I did have one of those "where do I know her from...?" feelings.
It's funny how a different hair style changes a person. I saw some pictures of her with short or blond hair and it made me remember Kara, but making her a redhead AND with long hair, just bugged my brain.
Here's hoping her character survives until the end of the show (even though her character is a horrible person).

just_looken11h ago

No doubt homelander will get pissed and show her his appreciation.

Episode 3 i was expecting a bitch slap death but it never happened he was zoned out then.

Would it not buy the boys still comedy she fight's back with that lame finger snap power he is like bitch really then just takes her out with one hit LOL

bloop1h ago

Thank you. Couldn't remember who Kara was and was too lazy to open article.