SCEA: 300% increase in hardware sales thanks to $299 120Gb PS3

VG247: SCEA has announced that since the new 120Gb PS3 hit at $299 on September 1, a 300 percent increase in hardware sales has been reported.

Total revenue for PS3 hardware increased by 140 percent, comparing the first week of September to the week before the $299 price adjustment.

Sony plans to for the upswing to continue leading up to the holidays, with its "It Only Does Everything" marketing campaign bringing awareness to multimedia console.

Additionally, according to an August OTX industry survey of the launches that gamers want to buy most, five of the top 10 titles were on PS3.

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Dutch Boogie4520d ago

"bu bu but the Pee S Twii is doomedzzz" lol

El Botto4519d ago

How does it feel to be laughed at by the entire world for over 2 years now?

You are not gamers. People dont consider you gamers. People consider you IDIOTS.

Gabe EatsWell4519d ago

bu-bu-bu-bu-but Project Analzzz...

Optical_Matrix4519d ago

now lets sit back and wait for the spin

dustgavin4519d ago

I am sure they have plenty of outlandish claims to try to downplay this.

el_bandito4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

Great news indeed. I'm not really into these sales kinda thing, But I could safely say, that during September the PS3 sold like hotcakes in Japan, Europe, heck even in NA, uhm... everywhere.

Game13a13y4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

i think at the end of September, they could probably sell close to 1M PS3 slim worldwide.

mint royale4519d ago

Awesome sales!

Although VgChartz may have slightly overestimated it seeing as they said in the article that they predicted a 400% increase.

The key for Sony really is how long will this boost last.

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lordkemp0074519d ago

By jove thats 246% more than microsofts failure rate.

meetajhu4519d ago

Now that every people have started buying a PS3 i love to see everyone online. Still people thinking 360 is better they are actually fooling themselves!

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The story is too old to be commented.