PS3 OS Memory foot print explained (down 12mb since November)

There has been discussion of why the PS3 OS footprint is so large. Truth is, the PS3 OS does not use all the memory that has been given to fact no where close. Sony have instead put aside a large amount of memory (84mb) for future applications - what these mysterious applications might be, is unknown.

Why does Sony need to put aside so much memory now if they are not using it? Well if they didn't and needed it in the future, then older games would not be able to run, as there wouldn't be enough memory.

So what is the OS memory footprint? Well first, the base memory footprint of the PS3 OS in main memory has been reduced from 56 MB to 52 MB. These values will lead to some confusion, as we've previously reported that the memory footprint was 64 MB. 8MB of memory was given back to developers sometime before Christmas, and now a further 4 MB has been returned. Currently, as of SDK 1.60, the PS3 operating system takes up 52 MB of main memory and 32 MB of graphics memory (84 MB total).

This article goes on to list possible applications and their current memory usage, which will be reduced by Sony as time goes on...but some of the listed features are promising, such as a unified friends list ingame, an intergrated web browser, and video chat ingame. But whether developers choose to use these applications is open to them, since the memory footprint is rather large.

Please read on.

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bung tickler4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

that is still huge when you look at the 360's OS, i guess it pays to be the #1 software company in the world. and as a side note this just goes to further prove the 360 has MORE RAM at it disposal for games AND it is easier to use as it is not split. also the 360 uses less CPU resources as well...

for cpu use on each:

for ram use:

techie4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

" There has been discussion of why the PS3 OS footprint is so large. Truth is, the PS3 OS does not use all the memory that has been given to fact no where close. Sony have instead put aside a large amount of memory (84mb) for future applications - what these mysterious applications might be, is unknown.

Why does Sony need to put aside so much memory now if they are not using it? Well if they didn't and needed it in the future, then older games would not be able to run, as there wouldn't be enough memory."

Future they discover what they want out of the service (which they havent yet) it will go down. They have big ideas, whereas XBL is pretty much done

360 uses less CPU resources? The PS3 os uses 5% of one SPU, not one SPU...whoever said that is misinformed

WilliamRLBaker4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

yeah, as in its done cause psn will rule?

because xbl is a full featured product with 51/2 years of refinement?

xbl is different from the os so the below comment doesn't count..

bung tickler4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

@deep - where did you hear that the ps3 os only uses 5% of one spe? care to post a link? i have read from multiple sources one of which i linked in my first post that ps3's os uses one full spe AND all games need to be programmed to allow for the os to TAKE ANOTHER spe when it wishes. also you have your terminology wrong as well a SPU is only a part of an SPE. heres a link for that if you wish to educate yourself:

also it has been stated that everything the 360's os does currently only takes up about 24mbs of the 32mbs, so they still have room to work with... thats 25% left over...

no mater what the ps3 reserves 52+32mb of ram for the OS.


so @bootsielon that means ram for GAMES... you know ram for devs to use... yeah the 360 has more... learn to read. oh and here is a 100% unbiased source that says the same damn thing

bootsielon4181d ago


You're an idiot. It doesn't have more RAM. It's simply more flexible. Besides, who cares about what Ozymandia has to say? Way to get a biased source, you moron.

gta_cb4181d ago

you say that "XBL is pretty much done"
now im not saying your wrong or right BUT i would wait untill after E3 before saying stuff like this, especially soon as though MS choose to announce IPTV last year and with MS knowing that E3 is every year they would surely have something to present.

now i did say im NOT saying your wrong or right so if E3 comes and MS doesnt have anything to show then dont please dont come back at me, i spose in a way im looking out for you ;)

kewlkat0074181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

and gives you an Idea. Do some homework and you'll see it's the same about the PS3 OS.

Either way PS3's OS is bloated. with all the new functions of HOME and web browsing and such, I don't see Sony cutting out junk(Piss poor programming as an excuse for 84meg reservations ). It's already a memory hogger, while working with 64Mb of the 256Mb available XDR memory and 32Mb of the 256Mb of available GDDR3 memory.

The PS3 uses a FULL SPE.


If you have OS SHRINKING in mind, no need for 84megs, unless its a concern for your OS programming. Can anyone provide a plausible explanation as to how 84 MB can be used up in operations concurrent with gaming?

Where it matters MOST for GAMES and DEVELOPERS, MS has the more Practical Architecture,(IMO) which DEEP was trying to DOWNPLAY. I don't think VIRTUAL GAMER understood my point either.

EDIT: DEEP-"The 82mb HAS NOTHING to do with programming"
Your wrong if you knew you could shrink your OS in the future, you wouldn't have to worry about providing more ram, when developers might be in dire need of the ram for GAMES. That's the route MS took because they know Software and OS's.

EDIT :DEEP -In your first comment "XBL is pretty much done"
I think that statement pretty much sums it, if you wanna talk about BASH match. Stop downplaying the competition. You don't have to agree but stop spinning the PS3's practical MEMORY limitations. You never seem to Question SONY, you'll just go ahead and Assume "THEY HAVE BIG PLANS".

techie4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Uh. One this is all under nda's. So this is unofficial.

Two HOME will not be running when you play a game (at the moment). Two you have turned this into a bash match instead a debate about this things with "piss poor" etc.

Three. It uses 5% of one SPU.

Four. As already stated it now uses 52mb of XDR memory. All of this is cut down on every release of a new firmware update, so you have no grounds for saying it wont be released more.

Five. This is all safety precautions, as they ARE NOT using it now. I repeat they ARE NOT using the 82mb for the OS NOW...they may indeed want to use all that in the future, but as they start to know what they want to use it for, they will be able to reduce it. The 82mb HAS NOTHING to do with programming, it's to do with how much they have put aside....for future applications. It's called future proofing.

Now MS have their own future proofing, and that's to allow some room in the 32mb and to further reduce the memory footprint of applications...but the ps3 is not yet at that stage, they don't need to do that, because they are starting VERY big and going down.

If you're going to pick me up on one sentence then so be it. But if you read one sentence but ignore everything else I say, then that's called putting a blind eye.

And when I said the 360 os is pretty much done...what I meant there was that they had already decided their memory limitation to be 32mb, and they were done with further improving that. I did not state that the features would not come. And my "faith" has not been put in's pretty clear as VG says from the evidence. And from developers themselves. I also clearly said Sony may not actually use the memory for future amazing applications, they may never come into fruition...but that's not where the evidence now points to. I am making two justified claims. That's all one can ask for, because I certianly do not KNOW, but I can make a justified belief about it.

But it seems on this site everyone will read one sentence, or only read the title and just stop there and right something to counter or approve it. Next time read everything.

WilliamRLBaker4181d ago

I never said any thing about the OS, I'm talking about XBL, Xbox live is seperate from the OS, Because the OS can still be changed within its own memory area to include other options, so XBL being a online functionallity can still be changed, So what do you mean XBL is pretty much finished? i am yet again not talking about the OS i'm talking about the online component of the 360, I.E the servers, the peer to peer network, the achievements...ect

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kewlkat0074181d ago

for somebody that does not own a PS3, you sure know MS's and Sony's Future.

Ya know giving Sony the benefit of the doubt, about what Sony might have in store for the future, and declaring MS and XBL is basically done.

"Future they discover what they want out of the service (which they havent yet) it will go down. They have big ideas, whereas XBL is pretty much done"

Only SONY have big ideas..Tell us more why dotcha

techie4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

No I explained why. Microsoft have put aside 36mb for their OS...which means that is ALL they have to play with in the future. They can only continue to add onto that.

Whereas Sony have put aside 84MB (they use about 40mb now) which means they have a big overhead for future applications.

That's the difference, that's how I can predict the future. These applications may not come into fruition though...which means they will reduce the memory usage down a lot more.

This is unless they find clever ways to use memory for the 360. This would mean pausing all game assets to use future applications...meaning it wouldnt be able to run while the game is playing. Or if they find how to use the memory usage of future applications further and further...which is certainly possible. But anything huge is dubitable, since they cannot increas that 36mb...if they did, older games like Gears (especially) wouldn't be able to run.

But, they certainly have headroom and that's down to the Microsoft engineers, and Sony is lacking here...if you look for ingame web browser...for a dev to use that on the ps3 is a whopping 40mb! No one will bloody use it. They need to have it all. I hope that's clear :)

Black Republican4181d ago

I think its funny how alot of ppl talk alot of sh1t trying to seem all smart and stuff.

When none of us really have no Idea what could be done with the os of either the ps3 or x360.

kewlkat0074181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

you can't say the 360 engineers won't be able to efficiently use 32meg, even if you can't increase it. With what your able to do in-game already with the 360. MS is a software company lets not forget.

On the other hand the PS3 is already lacking what developers can do because the Memory limitations in relation to the size of the OS. It uses 84 megs all together, and I don't see Sony cutting anything down,(Home is on the way) if they wanna use certain features, which can take up more.

Who knows what MS will do as far as what paths the developers may take and such. I still think the PS3's OS is bloated.

This Story which originated from a PS3 blog, have the same conclusion.

This is probably why developers early on have issues programming for the thing.

IIIJUMPMAN23III said it best. You can state the obvious of both consoles but you can't DOUBT MS or give SONY the benefit of the DOUBT. What I felt Deep was doing.

So basically you can't bet MS out when it comes to efficiency with what they have to work with, but already we see Sony's OS getting bloated is what I'm saying.

techie4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

"It uses 84 megs all together," I just told you it DOESNT. It doesn't use anywhere close to that. That's is just wat has been put aside by Sony for FUTURE applications. They have already got it down 12mb....and they will get it down further as they realise what they want to do with it and become more efficient.

But as I said the OS does not Physically use 84mb now.

ps. did you even read my reply where I came to exact same conclusion? MS have the ability to use 32mb more efficiently...Sony have the ability to use the rest of the 84mb (about 40mb than they are physically using now)

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one more in there place


VirtualGamer4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

If you tell developers they can use 476 mb of memory on the 360 to run their games that MS can't later change this to say they can only now use 450 mb because they need more memory for the OS. To do so would mean that the old games designed to use 476 mb of memory would no longer run. Hence why Sony went in with a bigger memory footprint for the OS knowing that they can always shrink but could never increase it. Will they utilise all this memory for things in the future? Who knows, but at least they have the option. MS only option would be to optimize what's running on 36mb of memory so that they could free up some of those 36 mb to run something new. To come to this conclusion one does not need to own either system only have a basic background in how computers work.

techie4181d ago

thank you.

But still Microsoft engineers are very good at doing these kind of things...and Sony is lacking. - that's true enough. And Microsoft still amazingly have room to grow.

But since the 86mb is so f*cking big and they don't use anywhere near that, then I can't imagine what they want to use it for. HOME intigrated into games maybe ..... ;)

WilliamRLBaker4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

they could increase mb usage but disable certain os abbilities while the games play so those xtra mb are free.

VirtualGamer4181d ago

They can most certainly do that but again they still can't exceed 36mb of ram for the OS which is what I am saying and you have not disproven with your comment. 36 mb is all MS will ever have to work with for the OS on the 360.

anh_duong4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

don't forget that the ps3 can take advantage of running modules/programs off the hard disk without having to store them in memory (perfect example is home which is expected to take up 600 mb). hence, you could say that the os in the ps3 has few capacity constraints even if the actual memory allocation is around 80mb. don't need to be a tech guru to appreciate the benefits of every sku having a hard disk.

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