"Just Cause" Dev Interview

I asked some questions to Christofer Sundberg and Odd Ahlgen from Avalanche studios about this fun looking game.

For Xbox 360 Owners- I think the answer to Question 11 will make you happy.

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schnodder6590d ago

this game looks really nice. i hope the demo is coming soon. give us some new stuff on marketplace ...

Cyclonus6588d ago

I love the idea of being able to pull your 'chute and parasail behind your car!

Cyclonus6588d ago

why is Che Guevara on the game's cover,lol

Legionaire20056588d ago

You just took the words out of my mouth. Well...Nuff said.


Digital Extremes Talks Warframe and Soulframe at TennoCon - Weapons, Cycles and Zones

Digital Extremes Warframe: 1999 & Soulframe Interview at TennoCon 2024- The studio talks about the upcoming expansion, and its new project.


"Grind isn't bad. The missions are," The First Descendant players are tired of the same old content

It's still in its early days, but players are getting tired of the same old missions and boss fights in The First Descendant.

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LG_Fox_Brazil12h ago

I noticed (and left the game) when I noticed that, in some cases, I would need to have other characters to farm materials for more materals for, yet, even more characters. It's insane grind, it's almost begging you to spend real money to avoid the very system of the game

Relientk7730m ago

I played it for a couple hours and what I got out of it is just do repetitive missions over and over again, go to location, shoot enemies, go to next location, shoot enemies, etc rinse and repeat


Canceled Video Games That Still Hurt The Most

The cancellation of Rainbow Six Patriots, Alice Asylum, and Scalebound, among others, have hit players and fans like a truck over time.

Chocoburger1d 12h ago

Advent Rising was planned to be a trilogy, and we never got parts 2 and 3.

Also wish THPS 10 was never canceled back in 2008. They were releasing the games at too fast a pace and just needed to slow it down instead of abandon the series entirely to make endless Guitar Hero games.

Stupid Activision executives.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 3h ago

We need scalebound, Alice asylum, rainbow 6 patriots, battlefront 3, and half life episode 3 plz 🙏 if not official devs, fans make those games a reality do what cd project red dev said I have to look up the article but if something can't happen themselves then it's up to the fans to make it ourselves.

Relientk7734m ago

I played Alice: Madness Returns a couple years ago and it blew me away. What an amazing game and it still holds up. When EA said no to Alice Asylum I was so mad. EA also said something like "Alice is an important IP to us" Yeah, right an important IP that you do nothing with. License it out so we can get that 3rd game from American McGee.