Nier is Now a 360 "Exclusive"?

Kotaku writes: Looks like Square Enix may be publishing another Xbox 360 "exclusive", with the announcement today that the previously multi-format Nier (now known as Nier Gestalt) will now only be released on Microsoft's console.

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Narutone664943d ago

two versions/titles, the SD version for the 360 and the HD version for the PS3.

gamesmaster4943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

hhmm openzone-ish

Never heard of Nier, i'll stick with God of war thanks.

StanLee4943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

Seems there IS an update and it isn't true.

freeblue4943d ago

we need some new blood for the ps3. Everyone RPG fan in here better support Demon souls. we need to let teh rpg devs know that there is a market for rpgs for the ps3, not just shooter or action/adventure.

badz1494943d ago

1 each for 360 and PS3? I don't remember where I read it but I'm pretty sure I did

BulletToothtony4943d ago

start a rumor in the morning, get it debunked in the afternoon..

they do this all the time.. i guess it gives them 2 easy articles and plenty of hits while they're at it..

Tony P4943d ago

"Square Enix told us that the Famitsu advertisements - which advertise what looks like two separate Nier games - "do not affect the North American version". Hmm."

So basically, it sounds as if we're never seeing Replicant over here. I'm guessing we'll get Gestalt on both platforms as planned, but no Replicant at all.

I wonder if they have different plans for EU since they mentioned NA specifically.

GameGambits4943d ago

Even Kotaku knows they are leaving out information from this title and 100% baiting flamers around the net to jump at this.

I don't visit Kotaku as there is better sites by leaps and bounds for videogame information, but I never had hostility towards them. This article however is a noobish attempt for hits. It isn't so much they are going for the 360 vs PS3 strings, or attract the SE sucks guys, but the fact they are even talking about Nier in itself is just stupid. There is absolutely no one who gives 2 craps about this game except for the guys I just mentioned who want to flame each other over nonsense.

gaffyh4943d ago

Nier Gestalt - Xbox 360 Exclusive
Nier Replicant - PS3 Exclusive

Mike134nl4943d ago

different versions like pokemon red and blue, sounds lame but will have to wait and see

Drebin 9284943d ago

it will be a good choice for the gamers. These games look very similar from what I've seen and if creating two versions, with the ps3 one not being gimped down to be equal on the 360, then I'm all for it. But if they don't take advantage of the ps3 in noticeable ways, then this will be a pointless decision (again, IF it's true).

likedamaster4943d ago

it will be a good choice for the gamers. These games look very similar from what I've seen and if creating two versions, with the 360 one not being gimped down to be equal on the PS3, then I'm all for it. But if they don't take advantage of the 360 in noticeable ways, then this will be a pointless decision (again, IF it's true).

Drebin 9284943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

wow, you copy and pasted my exact post -_-
seriously, just use the disagree button next time please

lightningsax4943d ago

Mike, that's a really good guess! It makes sense to have a "Red/Blue" variant to promote the 360 where it's weaker. Maybe the small differences between the two will all be included here, where 360 isn't very concerned about building a userbase.

Double Toasted4943d ago

wasn't it? a minute.

vhero4942d ago

Simply isnt true this is a lost in translation article I used to respect Kotaku but they are so desperate for storys lately their posting anything no matter how profound.

coolirisGB4942d ago

47 agrees yet it's known the PS3 has had sub HD versions of games vs the 360 versions.

Karlnag34942d ago

look it's cooliris with his super hilarious picture of a ps3 which is ironic because he is an obvious 360 troll... isn't it cute guys? Not to mention completely original!

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niceboy4943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

Developer/Publisher this Generation...? I've lost all confidence in Yada and the gang... Give me back Square-Soft...please....

niceboy4943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

Dependable base, PS3 owners again? Give me back Square-Soft

GameOn4943d ago

It's just a rumour at the moment. It might be completely wrong.

Homicide4943d ago

Do you mean the same PS3 owners who wanted to boycott SE when they announced FFXIII as a multiplat? Stop being so butthurt that they're not making exclusive games for your console.

GoldenAge4943d ago

I doubt all of these people are being "butthurt" because they're not making exclusive games for the PS3 they're just pissed that this game was announced as a multiplatform title only for there to be assumptions that it's 360 exclusive.

Now I understand that plans can change a multiplatform title can become exclusive and people will have to live with it but this is is from the same company who at the start of this generation said they will treat each platform equally.

Now I ask you how much have SE supported the 360 and how much SE supported the PS3? The moment Nier came people assumed that SE was finally doing their "equal treatment" route but with this rumor it's like them trolling that they still won't support the PS3 as much as they'll support the 360.

Just my two cents

ceedubya94943d ago

Or are you one of those people that assume all PS2 owners are converting to PS3?

Apparantly, it seems like the DS and PSP are SE's hotspots these days. We'll see how things really are when Final Fantasy XIII gets released.

GoldenAge4943d ago

He is somewhat correct when he says PS3 owners are their most dependable userbase.

Not in the sense meaning all PS3 owners or the PS3 in general but more of out of the hardcore systems PS3 is SE's most dependable because SE's most dependable userbase is Japan.

So an exclusive on a hardcore system by SE would have higher probability of selling more if it's on the PS3 the system most Japanese gamers prefer for their hardcore videogame cravings.

Ravage274943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

this is not a game on most gamer's radar. At best, it looks like DMC4 and we all know how 'good' DMC4 was.

What will piss off people is the fact that it was announced as a multiplat and COULD turn into yet another lame 'timed' exclusive for the 360.

SE is acting irrationally as always, they come up with a 'BBB' mass market title targeting the western market and is probably trying to get PUBLICITY by doing a timed exclusive. Dumb move really, considering it would be 100times smarter to release a FPS/TPS instead.

Homicide4943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

You can't SE for not developing and releasing games on PS3 back then: high development costs, low install base, etc.

And how are PS3 owners the most dependable when they haven't released anything yet? How would you know games will sell well on the PS3? He is correct that many migrated to Wii and handhelds.

percephone4943d ago

I don't mind Square Enix doing game for both consoles but when they drop support for a title on my platform of choice, it gets to me.

Considering that they have not yet released one game on the PS3 and that i would have gladly bought SO, The Last Remand and IU.

Come on stop accepting the Payolas SE!!! You're losing fans of your games.

mastiffchild4943d ago

Homicide-use your loaf mate. Look at which franchises(multi plats at that) which get the most support on PS3:RE5, SF4, TRU, etc. Notice any pattern? The games with a heavy PS heritage tend to outsell their 360 counterparts on PS3 even when the installed base for the console has been smaller.

Why is Tales coming to PS3? Because there's no marklet there for jrpgs? No, and FF13 fits on both counts and we reaqlly will see when it's released and not only in Japan but worldwide that it'll be snapped up more wholeheartedly by the PS3 camp than the 360 one. It's no wonder as your average Halo fan(no disrespect at all-love me some Halo)isn't likely to be a big FF fan and they make up a far larger proportion of he 360 user base than shooter fans even in general do on PS3.

Se's decision to ihnore thiose folk who probably(in their biggest fans cases almost certainly) bought their Sony console on the say so of SE trumpeting their support for the platform AND FF13 exclusivity-and doing it for a few years to until they did that E3 U-turn. IMO they HAVE ihnored some of their bigest supporters by neglecting these people who supported them last gen through some less than stellar offerings-even now we have NO SE game on PS3-and since they later said this is a multi plat generation why is this? My guess is it was part of a deal with MS that MS hoped would see them break Japan and now it hasn't really worked SE are in a strange place.

But to imagine there's not a bigger potential for FF sales on PS3 over the 360 is, I feel, plain incorrect for the reasons I've outlined. Nier, however, has been reacted to very negatively and the rumour looks to be wrong in any case with there being a version for each console from what we've seen today elsewhere.

Elven64943d ago

It's ridiculous to think Square will be supporting any console for life because one of their games sold well on it. We wouldn't even have a Square Enix or Final Fantasy franchise if it wasn't for the NES and Final Fantasy since Square was on the verge of bankruptcy and had enough money for only 1 more game (hence the name Final Fantasy). The game was a hit and saved Square yet Nintendo systems haven't gotten some "lovin" from them for a while now.

mastiffchild4942d ago

That wasn't the point Elveb, was it? Besides, the DS gets more SE games than anything! Also the move away from Ninty was a purely format/memory based choice as they couldn't grow their games on the carts Ninty were then sticking with-a completely different situation and something which led to many Square fans going over to Playstation at the time-there was nonme of the arguing back then as Square were straight with everyone and we knew where everyone stood.

Fact is there's lots of FF/SE fans who got a PS3 because of the original(and pretty long lasting) stance SE took with supposed FF13 exclusivity and those folk, as of now, still haven't played one SE game on PS3-I think they have a bit of a right to feel neglected.

The other thing is I firmly believe there's a much bigger market for SE and their jrpgs on the Sony console than on 360 for the reasons I listed above-to me it looks quite straight forward and we'll see when the worldwide figures eventually come in for FF13. I do NOT think SE would have taken the choices they have this generation without big sweeteners from MS who, as is their completely fair right, tried to ensure success for themselves in Japan but, also, it couldn't go on forecer if it wasn't working much netter than it has. It's only my opinion, obviously, but I don't think I'm way off the mark when you look at all that's gone on-what would the other explanations be? Like I said it just isn't as transparent this gen as it was after SNES, SE have changed position like a man and woman doing a live run through of the Kama Sutra and as a result it's hard to know what's true and what's PR BS from them, atm.

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THE MAX SPEED 214943d ago (Edited 4943d ago )

well from what I read in yesterday NieR article most people "dont care" about this game so why complain? @ people that will complaon about this.

The gaming GOD4943d ago

It's not as if square enix has been pumping out monster hits this generation. Outside of the psp and ds they barely sold much as far as I can tell. So if they want to continue to sell their products at a loss on a next gen system that their own countrymen for the most part shun, let them.