Mass Effect Interview: The Write Stuff

Why BioWare cares deeply about fusing great gameplay with great storytelling.

From the interview:
IGN: In terms of novel-lengths, how many pages or books worth of writing would you estimate you've done for Mass Effect?

Drew Karpyshyn: Mass Effect has a word count of around 400,000 words - somewhere in the area of 4-5 full novels. But, unlike a novel, we also have visual images and other ways to tell a story. Our word count would be even higher if we had to describe settings or characters, but we actually have art and graphics to do that for us. I think a better comparison to give the full scope of our game is to use movie scripts. In Mass Effect, every line of dialog has full voice over, and we have 20,000+ lines of dialog - roughly the equivalent of 20 movies. That seems like a lot - and it is - but it's necessary to keep a player engaged in our game and story for the 20+ hour critical path.

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Pheneus4486d ago

the more I can't wait to play it. I hope it really is as good as it is being touted as being. If the gameplay or story falls flat I am going to be really disappointed.

Kuest4486d ago

You know what it is, Baby! MASS EFFECT- lets do this. But enough abot thes stupid previews, I wanna PLAY it. I wanna SEE it. Lets do this, Bioware. Release the [email protected] GAME... please.