Japan Hardware and Software Sales 4/30-5/06 (with graphical aids)

Here are the hardware and software sales for Japan week starting 4/30. PS3 up, Wii down...but the numbers for Nintendo are still staggering.

Hardware - This Week | Last Week | YTD | LTD
1. NDS - 285,192 | 256,063 | 2,888,392 | 16,894,071
2. WII - 101,320 | 102,522 | 1,452,172 | 2,371,815
3. PSP - 35,172 | 33,860 | 839,395 | 5,371,524
4. PS2 - 14,815 | 12,584 | 324,604 | 20,479,463
5. PS3 - 12,974 | 12,791 | 417,056 | 874,614
6. 360 - 3,205 | 3,162 | 93,550 | 358,252
7. GBA - 653 | 1,125 | 35,307 | 15,333,386
8. NGC - 394 | 167 | 6,763 | 4,176,231

Software Wise the top 50 is filled with Nintendo.

NDS - 36
WII - 6
PS2 - 4
PSP - 4

Attached are some graphical aids to help visualise these sales numbers.

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techie4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

COme on there's graphs and everything with smiley faces...approve me :)

TriggerHappy4483d ago

true, nice graphs, They should just rename the charts to Updated Nintendo hardware sales.

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TheMART4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Sorry Deep, I know you like to be unbiased, but still I smell something that isn't fully right, or to say at least: a bit writing towards positive news for the PS3.

First off: PS3 sales up. HOW MUCH??? A whopping 183 units or so?
Compared to the sales of over 12k that's marginally NOTHING

Then you don't mention the 360, That also climed nothing at all, but if you mention the PS3 going up... well the 360 sales are also up.

The Wii sales are freakin' high and almost the same compared to the total.

The nr. 1 conclusion we can make: the PS3 is failing like hell in Japan. Selling 12k a week compared to it's nr. 1 competitor there, Nintendo, is a shame. May I remind everyone, the XBOX isn't popular in Japan, but still manages to sell at least 25% since it launch compared to the PS3. That's huge overthere.

Ah well. I think afterall, the other report, mentioning, the Wii won't catch up in USA etc. That my prediction can come true:

Japan - Wii
Rest of the world: 360


Well sarcasm is good, but writing it in the subtitles of a news message, without any sign of sarcasm seems if you write serious.

Furthermore: nobody gives a sh!t about my reminders? Ah that's why I am tracked by 25 people or so, they don't care what I say probably.

Plus: I am the only one who says what I post or not. Not you, not anybody.

If you state Europe=PS then tell me one thing:

The launch was good. 600k PS3's sold or so. All fanboys, because who would buy a PS3 without any content almost.

SOme numbers to prove that I am telling something that's obvious:

UK sold 165k PS3 units @ launch. A damn fine launch.
Week after, that number fell 82%, not because of shortages, but because they ran out of fanboys.

The weeks after that, the sales fell to 17k and then 12k a week. Haven't seen sales now for some weeks but I bet they're damn low.

And UK is the most PS brainwashed country in Europe. Thus, me telling ya, why is Europe different from USA? May I remind you, the PS2 was bigger then the original XBOX 1 in USA also. So USA has always been PS.

USA is now XBOX 360. Europe follows. USA last few months, the PS3 sold 130k a month. The 360 has sold 200k to 300k average every month since it launch.

Tell me again, which clues do you have that no one else has seen that Europe is and stays PS??? I am just curious

Deep, I smell some irritation here:

"And if it isn't clear for everyone how badly the ps3 is doing....I attached 5 bloody graphs showing suck on that Mart. "

I know Sony fanboys that say they are unbiased are highly flamable, but why are you so defensive when someone says the subtitle is a bit off?

techie4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

I know! I said Ps3 up...because I thought it was amusing that is up...100. I personally thought that was funny! Sorry. PS. Europe = ps3

pps. nobody gives a sh*t about your reminders, except people who already know.

Because you can be frustrating and personal. So don't bother Mart. If you have beef with the numbers provided say so, if you have Beef with me...PM me.

Why do I say PS3 = Europe? Because in the year of 2006 the 360 sold 1.92million in all of Europe for the whole year. The ps3 has reached 800,000 (900,000?) in the year 2007 already and it's been out for 2 months. So by March of next year...what do you think the toal ps3 sales will be for it's first year in Europe?

Kyur4ThePain4483d ago

I beg you. Fu(k off and die.
You are like a fu(king cancer on this site. Unless a story is pro-MS or anti-PS, you p!ss your pants. You're even incapable of seeing the humor in what was posted here.
All you see is "PS3 up" and then you notice that your beloved 360 is up too and you have a bloody stroke.
Seriously. Just go away.

techie4483d ago

And if it isn't clear for everyone how badly the ps3 is doing....I attached 5 bloody graphs showing suck on that Mart.

ITR4483d ago

Don't they still sell the 20GB in Japan..the one with all the add-ons we didn't get.

anh_duong4483d ago

apparently alot of wii sold in japan also going to china and other far east countries.. it's amazing nontheless.. only thing more popular than the ds in japan is probably sushi rice and enema bars

kewlkat0074483d ago

Anyhow the Wii and DS continues to suprise me. I just don't get it. The 360 is not even popular in Japan so I don't care so much about the numbers. If it sells a measly 1000, good for MS, the world is not going to end.(better luck next time) The Ps3 well its not selling like its suppose to, even if it sells a measly 12 thousand, this is not good enough.

Somethings got to give with Nintendo, but I'm not sure when....

PS360WII4483d ago

very nice graphs indeed ;)

It's pretty neat how each system seems to have an area of the world. Kind of makes it a little more even on the market