Project Rygar (Wii) Revealed

Tecmo has revealed the first info on the next installment of the acclaimed Rygar franchise, Project Rygar, including the fact that it will be a Wii exclusive. Score one more for the Wii as it adds another promising 3rd party exclusive and another more mature themed game to it's growing library.

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PS360WII4181d ago

Another exclusive for Wii and it's from Tecmo. Nice that companies are starting to put faith into the little machine that could

ITR4181d ago


More games Tecmo.

Bring back Football!!!

Pheneus4181d ago

There seem to be a lot of Wii exclusives coming out of the closet. Some of them look damn good too. I think now that the Wii has a serious install base and the PS2 is finally starting to slow in sales they will start putting more focus onto the Wii and hopefully the bad PS2 ports willl slow to a crawl.

Bathyj4181d ago

Tell you what, include the original arcade version with it and I'll buy whatever you want.

ItsDubC4181d ago

Perhaps the cost of development for the PS3 and 360 is higher than Tecmo deems necessary to put into a game.

Please stop the apparent hating. If you were a fan of games and not a particular console, you would be happy to hear that Tecmo's releasing a new game.

Last time I checked, the Wii was included in every "next gen" console comparison.

ChickeyCantor4181d ago

i'm amazed you have so many bubbles.....really....your comment was rather stupid!
And Wii is next-gen if you like it or not. PERIOD!

Bathyj4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

I was simply pointing out my opinion that they could make a better game if it was on X360 or PS3, what with Wii being the weakest machine of the 3. Is that so hard to believe?

But then again, if they were going to remake Rygar I wouldn't want a 3D action fest ala DMC or Ninja Gaiden. I'd like a 2D side scrolling action platformer exactly like the original with simply sharper better 2D graphics, so maybe you guys are right.

Anyway, I wasn't hating on the Wii, even if it is my least favourite console. I still have one.