Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Hands-On

Although the experts claim there are better, for all intensive purposes, Capcom's Street Fighter is the ubiquitous franchise of the genre. Now, after countless previous-gen SKU's, Capcom is releasing Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting on the Xbox 360's popular Xbox Live Arcade service. TeamXbox has posted a Hands-On Preview of this higly anitcipated Xbox Live Arcade game.

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MONTY 1875835d ago

when is it coming out??????????????????????????? ????
????????????????? ????????


why why WHY is my 360 is incapable of running a 16-BIT GAME without lag and at full speed?! i mean, c'mon capcom?!!! get some decent coders. this should run like grease lightning and have perfect online play. the data being sent must be tiny compared to games like Halo 2 and COD2, so why the lag?!!

I will be annoyed if this isn't a perfect 16-BIT port. I see no good reason for a snes to outperform a xbox 360.


shotty5835d ago

I think it's online lag. I find it ridiculous. Look at Battlefield 2 it has 24 people online plus, vehicles, huge environments, 3D, remember locations of weapons and spent bullet casings. Plus factor in smoke and fire effects and all that with very minimal lag. I think it's very poor coding, someone from MS is probably running through it as we type fixing it.