11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying THAT Game

Yeah, that game. You know what I'm talking about. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. Okay, that's fine live in denial, but ask yourself these questions before making your next game purchase.

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markfrost4520d ago

Oh THAT game.

I have that game.

I hated that game.

karan86244520d ago

This article was neither news, nor entertaining, nor constructive

THAT article sucks

a_squirrel4520d ago

"Talking about games with civilians is painful. Overhearing it is almost equally painful. And once I saw pre-teens wearing Halo shirts, I knew we'd hit rock bottom."


thebudgetgamer4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

that game stinks because its on that console.

i dont see what fanboys get out of stuff like that.

back to the subject: i always go through a list like this one because well..... look at my name.


markfrost4520d ago

Every gamer should be a budget gamer like you.

You are a hero among men.

thebudgetgamer4520d ago

and a bubble for your kind words.


ttlFantastic4520d ago

Print this out and hand it out to those who just bought Wolfenstein (the poor bastards).

JOLLY14520d ago

I didn't buy it, but all I have heard were positive comments about that game. I am not saying you are wrong, just thought it was weird.

ReservoirDog3164520d ago

it looked bad though,


he's always negative but it's funny

dirthurts4520d ago

And I'm loving (pc).
I hope more people give it a shot. It may not be anything ground breaking, but it's a lot of fun!

djfullshred4520d ago

haha, I bought Wolfenstien despite not very good reviews. Probably because what they criticized about it, is what i miss most in good old FPS games. And much to my non-surprise, I really liked Wolfenstien because it gave me exactly what I expected from the reviews. An old school style FPS game, with some cool boss fights along the journey.

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Ron_Burgundy4520d ago

must be talking about Halo RRoDst, you should ask yourself 100 questions before even pirating the game.

Jamescagney4520d ago

What a totally useless article.

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The story is too old to be commented.