Metroid Prime 3: Corruption officially up for reserve today

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption officially up for reserve today at gamestop, bestbuy, and circuit city.

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TriggerHappy4481d ago

for die hard fans of the series, pre-oreders starts today, an AAAA title for the wii.

PS360WII4481d ago

Well I know I'll be pre-ordering it. Hopefully it's more like 1 and a little less like 2. 2 was good but didn't have the feel of the 1st by retro. Either way it's deffinatly going to be a fun first person adventure game.

TriggerHappy4481d ago

you better hurry, they are probably selling like hot cakes right now.

PS360WII4481d ago

you know what I mean. Metroid's preorder obviously will not be sold out, but one can still get excited about silly stuff right?

ItsDubC4481d ago

I'm not gonna reserve it, but I'm definitely pickin this one up. Gamestop has its release date set at Oct 1st, which means 3rd & 4th quarter will see the release of some huge Wii titles: SSBB, MP3, SMG, NiGHTs, Manhunt 2... it'll be a good time to empty my coin jar =)

ITR4481d ago

I agree the second one wasn't as good as the first but I'm hoping for the best.

If you can have deathmatches I'm all for it!

Leathersoup4481d ago

I wish announcements for 360 and PS3 games could be done with the serenity apparent in this thread :)