Double Dragon on the 360: after the first punch it just goes downhill

Oh nostalgia. When Final Fight was released on the Virtual Console, Ben Kuchera noted that people who preferred Double Dragon were wrong. Harsh? Sure, but true. The Live Arcade version of Double Dragon rips off the rose-colored glasses and shows you that the original arcade game just isn't good.

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Lyberator4487d ago

I made the mistake of buying this because I used to play it all the time on the NES. Now I cant even look at it on my 360.

time2die4487d ago

Is this the future of next generation gaming..Oh dear why on earth would we want to play these games from 20 years ago on our next generation systems.

For gods sake Microsoft and Sony get with the picture .Do some market research,May be have a recruitment lesson and recruit some gamers from around the world that may be able to give you some structure into your tedious download service that we pay £40 a year for the Subscription,Then we buy the games and find out we have to pay all over again for the new map content or whatever else crap you seem fit to think we all need to download.Besides that you try and charge us for downloading the above mentioned game.

This may appeal to a 10 year old kid but i am a mature gamer and dont want retro rubbish from the past thankyou very much Mr Bill Gates and the rest of the fiasco that is running this show.

How much content is available for download from xbox live service,Answer a hell of a lot...Question? How much is worth downloading..Lets say about 1% if your lucky

ChickeyCantor4486d ago

you dont like retro and you are mature.....give me a break you almost made me laugh.

Havince4487d ago

i loved this game about 10 years ago

i just dont see the need or point spending points on old games, i will gladly spend points on new maps and other stuff such as live games that ARNT old hack rehaps but not stuff like this

nicodemus4487d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love playing retro, old school, nostalgic titles. TMNT arcade is a classic, and I'm fully satisfied with that purchase.

But just like what happened with Contra, I booted up DD and found that it was NOTHING like the NES version I grew up with! Very, very, very disappointing...

ChickeyCantor4486d ago

this isnt the nes version, if im not mistaken its the sega version.

DD 2 was the best and no other DD was better.