The Making of Ghostbusters

Image In mid-January, less than ten minutes of videogame footage appeared on YouTube and set the internet aflutter. The handful of clips in question seemed to suggest that a new Ghostbusters game was in development for the Xbox 360 and, within a few hours, everybody was talking about it.

As concrete details slowly started to emerge, a strange picture took shape: ZootFly, a small Slovenian development house, admitted that it was responsible for the footage, that it came from a short prototype it had running, and that it didn't actually own the IP rights to the licence. Despite such a shaky bargaining position, ZootFly had understood one thing perfectly: the lasting appeal of the right game licence.

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Russbomb4484d ago

WHo ya gonna call,
when they make another bad movie game

USMChardcharger4484d ago

reading this...i had know idea that the orginal Ghostbusters game used the Car Wars engine. Car Wars was was also first a pen and paper roll playing game made by then, "TSR"...The makers of D&D. didn't last though.
anybody else old enough to remember that?