Project Gotham Racing 4, New Weather-Effects Screenshots

Bizarre Creations has released a new batch of images today for the newest entry in it's flagship franchise, Project Gotham Racing 4. The screens show off an impressive weather system that will be added on top of the already deep and fun kudos and physics systems.

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Shadow Flare4484d ago

Its really clever how they do that. Looks awesome. I think my ideal racing game would be to race in the incar view (with steering wheel and windscreen in front) through a torrential storm. And if the rain was smacking the car and you get lightning a thunder. If they got the sound spot on too that would be awesome. That would be such an awesome race, i hope they make a game like that

gta_cb4484d ago

yeh that would be one of those races you remember for a long time =)
hmmm maybe a demo with all these effects? =P

oh and Shadow Flare just incase you was woundering no i havnt got tired of Forza 2 demo lol i have only recently got off it hehe, hope they release a demo with as good gameplay as forza 2!

PS360PCROCKS4484d ago

The girl at the bottom looks hot! Oh and these are old

gta_cb4484d ago

yeh these are pretty old pics/scans oh and what girl?... lol must have been an advertisement ;)

gta_cb4484d ago

just wondering if anyone knows about forza motorsport 2 having weather effects like PGR4?...

power of Green 4484d ago

Never seen anything like it. Truly the best looking racer ever!.

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