XFPS Mini Guitar and HDMI-cable for Original 360

Team Xtender announced 2 products that will be available in the near future (next 2 months):

1.XFPS Mini Guitar --- This is half the size of the original one, easy to carry and best choice for gamers, using the real guitar wood for authentic gameplay. This unit must be must used with the XFPS 360 when you wish to use it on the Xbox 360. It is also compatible with the PS2.

2.HDMI cable for original xbox 360 (White 360 console) , this will be the world first HDMI cable for xbox 360 (white console) and up to 1080i .

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Sphinx4177d ago

Will the HDMI cable for the white 360 do anything? I'd get it just so I have something plugged into one of my HDMI slots, but not if it doesn't make the picture any better whatsoever.

gta_cb4177d ago

2.HDMI cable for original xbox 360 (White 360 console) , this will be the world first HDMI cable for xbox 360 (white console) and up to 1080i .

ummm please! someone! tell me what is going on lol
nah but seriously how is this going to work? as i DO have a HDMI slot on my tv and my tv does support 1080i so if there is anyway (as long as it doesnt cost an arm and a leg) to get it working on my original white xbox 360 premium then i would deff like to use the 1 wire rather then the 5 (i think) for component HD

gta_cb4177d ago

ok i have read some comments (if you press "Read Full Story >>" then press link to the dicussion page) and i kinda understand how its going to work, but the only way i will buy the lead is IF it deff upscales DVDs =D otherwise im not bothered and will stick to my component HD

JOLLY14177d ago

Component displays 1080P fine, VGA displays 1080P fine. HDMI will display 1080i fine. They are all the same. The only difference is you have audio going with the video. I personally don't like when my audio goes through my tv first then out to my 5.1 receiver. That's why I don't like HDMI. some people only have their sound through their tv though, so it's good for them. The thing is tv sound doesn't compare to a 5.1 system. I don't know HDMI is cool and not cool at the same time....kinda like me! Ha

snoop_dizzle4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Gateway 24" HD monitor, that component looks really crummy, but vga makes it look a lot better

with this ne HDMI cable, chances are there is still are stereo jacks and an optical jack(which i would use).

gta_cb4177d ago

yeh i kinda new this, i just think with my tv being on the wall (flat screen) and the Xbox 360 being a little bit below it would look neater with 1 wire then 5 (i think) but then again its not a big issue or anything, so i am prob gonna spend the money on something else, now what can i buy?.... i know Forza Motorsport 2! =D