A Look at why Wii will never catch Xbox360 in the USA

In the United States, for the week of May 6, Wii outsold Xbox 360 by 32,000 units. If this rate were to continue unchanged, Wii would catchup to Xbox 360 in mid-may 2009. However, there are two reasons why Wii will not catch up to 360 in the United States - price drops and the 360 2007 software lineup - both of which will offset Wii gains until it is too late to catch up.

Below you will find numbers to justify these claims. Numbers in thousands are the 'extra' units Wii sells each week beyond what Xbox 360 sells - the rate of gain. The multiplied number is the time (in weeks) that rate of gain will last.

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Ashira4183d ago

Someone tell me how these numbers are not ridiculous? I don't believe them for one second.
Let the numbers speak for themselves as time goes on. We'll see if the Revolution catches up or not. They do not count a lot of factors...

kewlkat0074183d ago

because it will always be off. Seriously once the 360's price drop with the amount of good games coming out the end of the year, what will the Wii have to compete? or sell consoles?

I do have a Wii, and I'm just waiting for Super Mario and Smash Bros, will be getting Paper Mario soon. I don't even have to list the 360 titles.

Nintendo's out of stock strategy is working. Don't you think?

ItsDubC4182d ago

Ppl also tend to neglect the possibility of a Wii pricedrop next year, as well as what will happen when Wii production finally exceeds Wii demand. The result of both will have an unknown effect on the market. I think prediction articles like this leave way too many factors out of the equation.

kewlkat0074182d ago

then again if the Console is selling well still, I don't see what you would wanna cut into your profits. The Wii sales are not exactly stale. Sony did the same with PS2. Didn't drop the price for a while, well not after the first year.

Even if they would cut their prices, software is still king here, eventually if everybody still manage to get a Wii and another NEXT-gen console, how many people would really be playing it? Especailly when you can play online with the other Consoles, and of course Halo 3 might be out. My wii will be put on the back burner sorry Nintendo.

ItsDubC4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

While the Wii will have online multiplayer soon enough, I do feel that the 360 will always have the strongest online multiplayer functionality. Xbox Live is an excellent piece of software and is a huge selling point for the 360. On the other hand, the Wii has a wider audience but I don't know if a significant portion of that audience will participate in online gaming.

Software definitely is king and unfortunately a downside of the Wii having a wider audience is that it now has to provide a wider selection of software to satisfy each particular demographic in that audience. Hardcore gamers will scoff at games such as Brain Age while parents will eat those titles up. Vice versa for titles such as Smash Bros. So I think the key to the Wii's success will partly depend on sheer volume of games, as it will be next to impossible to develop a Wii game that'll appeal to every single type of Wii-owner. Halo 3 on the other hand, will pretty much appeal to every single 360-owner.

techie4182d ago

this vgcharts news should be taken with a pinch of salt...and shouldnt really be posted. I just posted their breakdown of q1...but dont know about this.

PS360WII4182d ago

itsDubC yeah Wii can easily drop it's price because unlike the others it's already making a profit. That alone is plenty to work with for price drop.

However as far as Wii passing the units sold the 360 has in the US is a pretty far fetched idea. US is 360's main squeeze. I'm pretty sure 360 has a lock in these United States

ITR4182d ago

Maybe 2 sku's?

Remember, the DVD enabled Wii coming this fall?
DVD ver $249, old ver $199?

Though they may just drop the white one and just add the black one for $249.

I have a feeling all of the 1st and 2nd party titles will help move Wii's during the Fall and X'mas seasons.
Meteroid 3, SSBB, Disaster, HAMMER, Fire Emblem and Galaxy.

Strikers, Mario Party 8, Big Brain, Pokemon, RE4, and Manhunt2 should keep consoles moving throughout spring and summer.

By early 2008 we should see:
Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race
Battalion Wars II
Forever Blue

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