Blizzard Looking at Wii, 360, PS3?

Nintendo Revolution via Kotaku noticed a job listing on Blizzard's website for a senior producer "with a proven track record of producing high quality console games," with a "strong passion for both playing and developing console games."

In addition to a series of mandatory requirements for the position, applicants would receive extra attention for "Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii production experience." While it's hardly confirmation that Blizzard's actively developing on any of the three platforms, simply knowing they're not distancing from any of the three machines -- especially in the case of Wii -- is worth noting.

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CAPS LOCK5803d ago

yea i want it on ps3 and no bloddy monthly fees with that version, aren't they getting enough money gees.

Dazzboi3605803d ago

Naa, i read somewhere that Blizzard won't bring WoW to any console but something else... Starcraft probably.

bung tickler5802d ago

it would be tricky bringing any of thier games away from a pc simply for the lack of a keyboard... anyways if they did bring anything to like xbox live the only reason i would play it in my 360 would be if it were no extra to play other than my monthy $5.99 for live, otherwise i'll stick to my pc for these games.