Week of Hate: PC gaming arrogance

From the article:
"Seriously, you must have heard the argument before: consoles are toys to the hardcore PC gamers, who consider their vaunted, multi-thousand dollar gaming rigs to be the only serious way to play."

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Shadow Flare4272d ago

PC gamers should know we think consoles are for normal people interested in games while pc games are for geeks with seriously pale skin

Rooted_Dust4272d ago

And they say PC gamers are arrogant. You say geek like it's a bad thing. In spite of being a Geek it doesn't seem to have hindered my in any way, besides finding joy in technology. Being a geek got me through college, got me a job, a nice car, a hot girlfriend. I'm guessing by calling us geeks, you must not be one...(riiight). What has 'not' being a geek ever done for you?

DarkJedi4272d ago

But still manage >24 hours of EVE online every week :p

Seriously tho, very biased article, I'm personally a mixed gamer, I play PC and Console games, as I've got a half decent pc, a 360 and a ps3.

The only thing I'm lacking in truth is spare time...

Rooted_Dust4272d ago

While I don't think Consoles are toys, I do feel that PC gaming is a superior way to play. You have control over all of your settings, you can expand your games with free mods, and PC games are constantly evolving unrestricted by static hardware. Consoles are on their way to becoming PC's anyway, which is not debatable(Linux on PS3). While were talking about gamer stereotypes, I think you'll find that the PC gamer's image of a console-only gamer is that of a 12-year old, playing M-rated games online and making up for his lack of skill by overusing four letter expletives.

cuco334272d ago

i suit both. there are games i play on console that i'ld rather much play on pc (like ANY and ALL fps titles) and there are games that should only be on consoles (like sports). they both have their advantages. i think this goes back to the older gen console days where gamers would preach against the PC guys for being crazy to drop $300+ on a video card upgrade plus memory upgrade and when u look at things now, pc and consoles somewhat cost the same so that price advantage is no longer there. u can build a really good pc gaming rig for the price of a 60gb ps3. if u add in that the hd style gaming (360 & ps3) really need an HDTV to get full use, the advantage now goes to PCs. besides, wasn't the ps3 & 360 already outdated as far as specs the day it was launched when looking at pcs? gaming though will always be more dominant and easier to play on consoles. try pcs though guys, you'll love titles like gtr2 with a wheel and bf2 64 player maps with keyboard and mouse

progx4272d ago

I love the controller over the mouse/keyboard. PC's gamers hate hearin that.

Rooted_Dust4272d ago

That's your preference, everyone is allowed to like what they like.

WilliamRLBaker4272d ago

Really sticks it to the arrogant pc gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.