Girl Gamers are taking over Japan talks about how Japan's game makers are now in the grip of girl fever - scrambling to market directly to women gamers who were once ignored. The success of the Nintendo DS seems to be the main reason, with many of the 16 million sold in Japan so far, having been snapped up by females thanks to games like Nintendogs and Brain Age.

In fact with the upcoming Mother's Day, Nintendo is advertising hard trying to get children to buy their mothers DS's. The article also talks about how there seems to be a general acceptance of female gaming, with it looking more stylish than it used to. Although there are games popular with both men and women, such as New Super Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy III, more and more games are being made specifically for the female audience or taking them into consideration.

On the subway the DS rules whereas the PSP just doesn't seem to appeal to women, with none of them seen playing with one. They are instead regarded as being for "hardcore" gamers and are less accessible compared to the DS thanks with its simple input methods and unique software.

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WilliamRLBaker4483d ago

Gaming is changing vastly and has been for awhile in japapn, Its all about the portable over there now....
consoles are losing steam sept for wii.

Neutral Gamer4483d ago

Women, girls, grannies and grandads are all happily getting into the gaming thing, thanks largely to Nintendo's DS and Wii. Not only that but the Wii seems to be on course to OUTSELL the PS3 and 360.

Don't you see friends? While we're here flaming our respective "proper" consoles and talking about how powerful they are (let's be honest, they're both pretty much similar despite what everyone says) the casual gamers are coming along and silently taking over. We're sleepwalking into disaster, if we're gonna do something, let's get together and do it now!

The fact is that most of the readers on this site are not exactly what you'd call casual gamers and we've got to realise that, if we are already or will one day become a minority, then we'll be left with less choice as more games will be made for the majority in order to make the greatest profit.

Or I could just be wrong though, maybe having more gamers entering the market will give this industry the respect it deserves and we'll have casuals crossing over to play the likes of Oblivion, MGS and Halo, it might happen ...

Keyser4483d ago

I agree. If they did take over we'd have less of a voice but most people on this site are the guys that stand in line for a system. Guys that buy all the add ons and the system when it comes out at $300-$600 duckets. Casual gamers don't do that.

If anything, causal gamers will make the market worse because they aren't demanding or wanting technology to push faster. What we think is crap they think is cool and innovative. Sure we know better because we take the time to know better. They are just looking for something to pass a little bit of time. Some of us game like our lives depended on it.

I think if casual gamers took over, less of us would game or we would turn into the minority that buy Apple products. We pay more but get more and there would be one company servicing us.

gta_cb4483d ago

yeh i agree, not to sure but it surely is better that more people start gaming as more and different titles will come out, but bare in mind that the titles like we have today should keep coming as thats whats made the consoles great.

p.s. are you going to change your name to biased gamer? and if you do i think you should go with black as someone on here already had red lol

Neutral Gamer4482d ago

Soon gta_cb, soon my friend. The time for darkness is near, mwah ha ha ...

level 3604483d ago

Portables are the way to go in Japan... Microsoft are you listening?

gta_cb4483d ago

although i dont have any inside info, i doubt they will release a handheld, and if they do i would (if i was them) wait untill the next gen (2012) as then they could implament more into connecting it with the next xbox and windows etc. as for now i think the handheld should be between Sony and Nintendo.