Not So Rumor(?): Starcraft 2 WILL be an RTS (Plus an MMO project)

With the gaming community speculating on Blizzard-next-big-project conspiracy theories, which will be announced next week, rumors are already flying around that the game announced will be a Starcraft-related project.

While Computer Video Games magazine and a few game blogs have cited the to-be-announced Starcraft-sequel game to be an MMOG of sort, our sources in Korea have heard it right from an insider in Blizzard Korea that Starcraft 2 will still be sticking to its real-time strategy roots. Albeit with enhanced graphics and new elements of gameplay, and new multiplayer features to satisfy the rabid Koreans. While the rumor of a new MMOG from Blizzard is being fuelled by the fact that the developer has also posted a job opening for an MMOG project, a sources again told that it will not be a project announced on the same day as Starcraft 2, and that it won't be based on the Starcraft universe either.

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Pheneus4206d ago

just a straight up Starcraft 2 game. Would be even better if in addition to pc they made it for wii and ds, ds especially. Since the first time I played that little thing i couldn't stop thinking about how great it would be to play serious rts games on.

Carl194206d ago

Starcraft is the only RTS game I have ever played, and I loved it. I hope these rumors about a sequel are true.

Cartesian3D4206d ago

omg.. nextgen RTS comming... I hate C&C style(for kids) ..

I love a PROFESSIONAL RTS like Warcraft and starcraft.. thx Korean ppl for keeping Starcraft alive..

MK_Red4206d ago

Thank God. If Blizzard ever makes SC2 a MMO, I would send my army of zerg to kill them all.

Russbomb4206d ago

Well since we all love SC, and since its an RTs that means that it will be a MMO sooner or later lets just hope its SC3 and not 2 OK

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The story is too old to be commented.