Far Cry 2 Under-Rated?

When I went to my local EB Games a couple of weeks ago I was looking for a game that would last me a while or at least until the holiday game release madness that is soon to come upon us. While I was there I picked up Far Cry 2 for a great price. I had been wanting to buy Far Cry 2 for a while now, but seeing the bad reviews of the game from when it was released I didn't bother buying.

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Pandamobile4521d ago

Far Cry 2 was awesome for the first maybe 10 hours. After that, the driving gets extremely boring and tedious, the enemies are annoying because you can't get from point A to point B without running into a group of angry Africans, even if you're working for their faction.

Shepherd 2144521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

this game sucked. Exploring the open, 20 sq. mile world was boring because theres nothing out there except diamonds, animals, and grass/trees.

Too much driving, and no fast travel unless you travel a huge distance to get to the bus stops, which almost defeated the purpose.

Exploration was limited because you couldnt climb on top of rocky formations due to invisible walls everywhere. So much for getting a better sniper spot right?

Horrible story, and no feral/predator abilities like the first Far Cry. It was awesome to have animal-like powers like smelling people, clawing them with your fists, and jumping really far and still be running around with guns and driving vehicles.

Far Cry 2 took away all of that, and made it boring. The only good thing that came out of this game was an awesome map editor, but Far Cry Instincts Predator for the 360(a Re-release of the first game) had the same editor, Far Cry 2's just has more features.

rhood0224521d ago


The travel to the bus stops so that you could fast travel was horrible. I agree. And probably ruined the game for me (well, that and the game ending bug I found right after opening up the southern part of the map. Needless to say, I never finished the game.)

I understand the need to create a "living world" but adding things like instant fast travel, a la Oblivion or Fallout, won't take too much away from the feel of the game.

But one correction on your post. The original Far Cry (PC Only) didn't have the feral abilities. It was more like Far Cry 2 in that it was a more reality based shooter--except for the introduction of the genetic mutations towards the end of the game.

The feral abilities didn't show up until Far Cry: Instincts for the original Xbox.

WenisWagon4521d ago

The story wasn't anything special. What was worth every penny (for the rent, at least) was the Map Editor. I had loads of fun making and downloading maps.

badz1494521d ago

it's boring nuff said! played the game for 1 hour and that's it!

morganfell4521d ago

I just wish they would have had an option that stated when you completely obliterate a checkpoint no bad guys return and rebuild the place for 10 days. Instead I could drive up the road a few hundred meters and return and they had transported down from their starship. It gets old quick. The weapons degrading while novel is wholly unrealistic in a game that was trying to pimp realism.

flankhim4521d ago

I always called it Far Drive 2!

Marquis_de_Sade4521d ago

I agree Panda, the faction thing really got on my nerves, but not as much as the fast respawning enemies.

With that said, planning and executing assaults on enemy bases in the middle of the night gave a certain thrill.

MagicAccent4520d ago

Far Cry 2 is not a game you can sit down and play like a normal fps, because it's simply not fun that way.
You have to know how to play the game to enjoy it. It may sound a bit silly, but that's how I eventually figured out how to get the most out of the game: Dodging patrols, finding shortcuts, exploring and scouting the mission to find the optimal plan of action, ect.
When you stop rushing, it actually becomes more fun. Less hectic and more elaborate. Something that to me sounds like the makings of a great game.

As for the story, I quite liked the dark political undertone and ideas. Something that does very much represent, to some degree, the situation of many 3rd world countries in africa.
If you played through the game without at some point or another recflect upon this, and say the story is crap. Then maybe this game was not meant for you.

BattleAxe4520d ago

This game had a great feel to it. I only wish that there weren't respawning checkpoints. The online portion was solid.

I re-created Foxhunt from Socom 2 on the map editor. Its a shame that there aren't more people online for this game.

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KingKionic 4521d ago



Yeah it was a fun story also the map editor on the consoles was nice .

El_Colombiano4521d ago

I love, LOVE the concept of the game. But the execution got old and tired QUICK.

Szarky4521d ago

Agreed. Concept was brilliant. After 5 hours I wanted to throw my controller at the tv.

Towers764521d ago

I had the same problem with Far Cry 2 that I had with Assassin's Creed the year before: I loved the first couple of hours then it's just the same missions over and over. Though to be fair FC2 did have more area to explore and the occasional unique mission to undertake. Either way I thought it was a decent game that deserved most of the reviews it initially got. If you find it in a bargain bin for $20 or less then absolutely go for it.

rodellison4521d ago

Agree completely. This game isn't underrated, it was actually ok, however it should be known that there's essentially 3 types of missions in the game which ran along side the main story (Cell Tower/Assassination missions, Destroy the Convoy missions, Buddy missions) - and after the first one or two missions its quickly apparent that the formula is rinse/repeat. No doubt the game LOOKed great, and IMO had the repeating junk been reduced a little it would have flowed a little better. It was artificially long. The multiplayer was a joke. With such an awesome map editor capability in the product, it was disappointing the way multiplayer felt - almost like you're trodding around in quicksand requiring entire clips to take an enemy down. $20 or less, pick it up and venture around - the Savannah and a couple missions are worth seeing for that.

Towers764521d ago

Yeah I forgot about the lousy multiplayer. Then again this game released shortly before CoD5. Talk about bad timing for any game with a multiplayer component. I never did play with the level editor so I can't much attest to it's quality but I'm all for any kind of user generated content. Maybe it's something Ubi will expand on in future shooters they release.

Sarcasm4521d ago

Everyone seems to agree, after playing for the first few hours, you've pretty much played the whole game.

I actually played for a good 8-10 hours before I realized how boring it really is. I didn't want to waste my rental, but it was just meh.

jjohan354521d ago

I found the story to be boring and forgettable. Missions got tiring quickly after 50% of the game.

Game mechanics were awesome. It was realistic, it allowed you to be a stalker, and was one of the few games that made it feel rewarding to actually plan out your attacks without boring you with meticulous technical details of execution.

But the best thing the game had above any and every other game is the environment. There isn't a game with an environment that's more alive. I don't know any other game that makes it fun to snipe from bushes or go through buildings/corridors shooting in CQC. You can actually hide in bushes. This goes from single campaign to online play. The world/environment is so amazing, I can't get over it. I've played every other AAA game on both 360 and PS3 but none of them offer the same dynamic environment (even if they offer better gameplay or weapons).

The biggest fault in the game was Ubisoft's lazy developing skills. The game remained buggy for almost a year (single player) and the online play still kicks out players at the end of every 3 games you play. Before the recent patch, everyone would get kicked out of the lobby at the end of every game. I personally think Ubisoft was way too lazy. They had a great environment, great world, great mechanics. They destroyed the game with stupid bugs and a non-compelling plot. If the story was more interesting, the open spaces a little smaller, more bus stops, and A LOT LESS BUGGY, the game would have had a strong online community easily.

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ssbains4521d ago

Trophies took way to long to unlock

Game was repetitive, mission after mission.
While the game tracked time of day nicely, night, day, game save by going to a hut --- it got repetitive really quickly.

Driving sequences were way too long

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