GameSpot's All Time Greatest Hero Poll Sabotaged By

The users at continue to ruin GameSpot's All Time Greatest Hero Poll. This time they are using anonymous proxy servers to accomplish their goals. This unaltered image is a recent screen capture from the image board. It shows detailed instructions on how to use a proxy server to cast multiple votes. Certain users in this very topic have proudly claimed they have voted over 600 times.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of photoshop can prove this image is 100% legit. Also the technique described in this image works, further proving the poll is easily rigged.

The GameSpot staff knows about this problem and they continue to ignore it. Why? Because the whole contest is nothing more than a hit grab anyway. They just want the traffic spike and they dont care if the contest gets rigged. The more outrage there is the more hits they get. GameSpot is spitting in the face of its own users.

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Missan3786d ago

Why such a big deal over Master Chief loosing? He lost, get over it. He's not as popular as you thought.

Elven63786d ago

So you're ok with a forum community sabotaging another site?

mintaro3786d ago

Apparently Kratos isn't either since he's been beat by lovely little pikachu.


Baka-akaB3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Who's to decide Master chief is more deserving than heroes from Puzzle bubbles/Bubble bobble anyway ??

And it's the nature of every poll of that kind , often organized at gamefaqs , with crappy outcomes anyway ... so why at least not let them have fun with it ? Espacially when the other side probably did it too

those polls are done for hits , it's not like gspot cares anyway .

PS : i never vote in those stuff , i aint interested and knows my heroes wouldnt win anyway against the likes of the same old zelda , mario , chief , sephiroth , cloud , etc etc

umair_s513786d ago

Well Kratos has a small lead over Pikachu atm, but Pikachu is some one really iconic. Master Chief lost to Bub and Bob, lol

Baka-akaB3786d ago

well if i had been voting , i'd gone with the little guys too . the've been here longer and i care more about their games . their more iconic to me .

of course i might have been the 1-10% to vote for them :p

Sk8boyP3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )


Redempteur3786d ago


Seriously ...

First gamespot polls has the same value as the countless gamefaqs polls .. And by that i mean nothing ..( it means nothing )

Second 4chan did it BECAUSE it will piss you off ... and by this article .. they won ..they achieved their purpose 100%

Third this is not news ... rigged polls ( gamespot , ign , gamefaqs and so on ) happens during the whole year non stop ... The only time it matters is when you're voting to elect someone ...

So in conclusion .... CRY SOME MORE !!!

Ps: Cry some more then because one of the most generic character created lost against one far better and with a better history

Timesplitter143786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

4chan saves the day!

and Bob & Bub TRULY ARE superior characters. I'm not even joking. Justice has been done. You think Space Marine #631 can beat these childhood heroes? Yeah right...

4chan doesn't do these things to piss people off : that's what outsiders think. 4chan does these things when they see the possibility of doing something impressive, hilarious and legendary. Kinda like when they put Moot as the world's #1 most influential person in Time magazine or when they put the blue Power Ranger in #1 place of Playboy's amateur beauty contest. It's just funny.

evrfighter3786d ago

Master chief needs his guns and rocket launchers
Kratos needs his Godly weapons (literally)
All Gordon Freeman needs is a F*ckin crowbar.

nuff said

poindat3786d ago

Rules 1 and 2, f*g.


Timesplitter143786d ago

rules 1 & 2 are old and not funny anymore

TheBand1t3786d ago

4chan hasn't been the same since Snacks was removed as an admin. ):

umair_s513786d ago

All Solid Snake relies on is CQC.

NotSoSilentBob3786d ago

Hey elven6

How come you didn't say anything about the Vote of Forza vers GranTurismo? Forza Devs tried to swing the vote with promise of free content, yet GT still won. It is a stupid web hit thats all. They just want traffic.

pixelsword3786d ago

Apparently, you've never been to N4G.

I kid.

Elven63786d ago

I never said anything good about what Turn 10 did during that poll either. Why do people try painting me as a fanboy? I'm one of the most neutral people on this site!

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Megaton3786d ago

GameSpot polls: Srs biz, requiring investigation into Master Chief's loss.

Panthers3786d ago

Homeland Security should look into this. This is big.

thedisagreefairy3786d ago

only nintendo fanboys are voting

Truth4You3786d ago

No one cares about Master Chiefs Bro... This is all about exposing the activities of the biggest scumbags on the web. Now please, go back to /b/ and beg for some cp. The rest of us will live in the civilized world, mocking the scumbags that live in your world.

Peace be with you.

3786d ago