PS3 Sales Rocketing, Leaving Nintendo In The Dust?

Fast Company writes: "we knew it was likely to happen, we just didn't realize how big the effect was going to be: According to some reports, the PS3 make-over and price drop has resulted in sales rocketing 1000%. Is Sony beating its gaming rivals?"

"Great news for Sony, but what about its competition? The main rival in terms of seventh-generation games consoles is the Xbox 360, of course--and a separate report suggests the drop in price of the Xbox to match the PS3 (for the top-end model) pushed its sales up too. But in Microsoft's case, it was just a 43% sales boost in the U.K. Chart Track are also suggesting the PS3 out-sold the DS, and the Wii too, meaning it took the spot as lead-selling games console in the U.K. Simultaneously, software sales for the PlayStation have risen 17% in terms of units sold."

"Meanwhile, there's a report in the Financial Times that suggests Nintendo's bosses are really scratching their heads over this one--how does Nintendo respond to the price cuts of its two chief rivals? In terms of raw price, it's no longer that much cheaper than the competition (and it's more expensive than the low-end Xbox Arcade), and while it offers the signature motion-control input for games, the other consoles offer much more sophisticated games and more future-proofing. Particularly the PS3 with its HD-movie capable Blu-ray drive. Both the Microsoft and Sony consoles are also adding motion-control systems at some point in the next year, and both systems look to be offering far more complex game interaction than Nintendo's can."

"However Nintendo plays it, it begins to look like Sony's really concreted the PS3's near-future--and with these figures, and the motion control due soon, the PlayStation actually looks like it could begin to take the lead in the console wars in 2010."

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UnSelf3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

wii would like to panic

UnSelf3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

how would u kno, u act like ur from the fu.....


Time Lord3789d ago

On serious note, Nintedo has this gen on total lockdown, there is nothing 360 or PS3 can do about it. one mini price drop and full service will resume.

el_bandito3789d ago

I'm no Wii fan at all, but why not make a price cut too? Nintendo already earned so much even with the inferior hardware and ungodly amount of shovelware. Besides, I think they're working on their next console already, so a price cut won't really hurt.

SupaPlaya3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

or has there been less of the PS3 is doomed articles lately? As weird as it sounds, I'm starting to miss them as some of them provides a good laugh.

Back on topic, we'll see increase sales for PS3, but I don't think it will eat into Wii's sale assuming people who want a Wii didn't get one yet. They are catered for very different demographic after all.

The 360 and the PS3 is where the competition is at. It'll be interesting to see the result of the Halo franchise + Forza + price cut VS the GT + FFXIII in Japan + lower price of PS3 at Christmas in US. Great times ahead of us gamers.

The doom articles based on negative news don't surprise me, it's the ones like "will a price cut help the ailing PS3?" type of articles that makes me laugh :D

The Wood3789d ago

you know what'll happen if you say that right. Just wait until the sales increase decreases by 2 %. There you will find doom

ReservoirDog3163789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I don't know. I just don't see the PS3 (or anything for that matter) catching up with the Wii. At least anytime soon. Isn't there like two times as many Wiis out there than PS3s? But who knows. It's a strange world.

Though, Gran Turismo and FF XIII are going to be a big part of why it happened if it did happen.

beardpapa3789d ago

Nintendo just has to release another sleeper smash hit like Pokemon. Of course, pokemon's getting old now. But who knows! Millions of people were suckered into getting pokemon red, blue, yellow, green, silver, gold, ..........................

Jamegohanssj53789d ago

LMAO Bubbles. You've earned a bubble.


Shadow Flare3789d ago

It's not going to happen but the wii deserves to be last this generation. Nintendo have just been sitting on there asses this whole generation, raking in the money. Ok, they made a cool controller. Thats it. They've brought out barely any games, and the games they do bring out aren't games, they're mini game collections or fitness games. Rubbish.

While sony and microsoft are constantly at each other innovating and stealing innovations respectively, and constantly upping the game. More services, more games, better, better, better. Nintendo don't deserve their position, they should be dead last.


wxer3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

you guys really got a short sight

sony's only goal is to sell the 150 million console
this is their goal

this is a marathon

its about the console that sells the most in this 10 year life span and after it and the consol that reach its goal

the only console that got the chance is the PS3
nintendo sales well start to go down
the 360 is getting hit hard by the slim now + its maxed out

add to that Sony support ( just like the PS2 now )

and you'll know that Sony 100% well win this gen

SaberEdge3789d ago

I'd have to say that I would be happy to see the PS3 or the 360 in first place. The Wii in my opinion is a mediocre game console and doesn't deserve to be in first. Then again, it mostly appeals to a different demographic and isn't directly competing with the PS3 or 360. At this point, I do think the PS3 offers the best bang for the buck.

Christopher3789d ago

Yeah... Sony is so leaving the Wii in the dust... they just have 30 million more consoles to go before they can do it, though...

3789d ago
mastiffchild3789d ago

Well, fanboys or not there's still things for all three manufacturers to consider before they give out any rosettes for this generation. Nintendo's lead LOOKS unasailable but depends on just who's buying the Slims so fast right now? Who are these people that seem to have beenn niding their time til the price cut? PS2 owners loyal to Sony(as PS2 was so well supported, and still is, by Sony why wouldn't they be loyal?)just waiting for their chance to go HD? Multiple console owners wanting bargains?

OR Wii owners brought to gaming by Ninty who now want something more advanced who see the motion stuff they like on the horizon and the more serious(as their tastes change or mature) games already on PS3 and all the added functions a PS3 has to boot? If it's the latter than the spike may be more than that and last a good while eating into the software sales on the Wii and also becoming the go-to machine for newcomers and those converting to HD(or just gaming in general) as well.

Ninendo must know that some of their new market will adapt and have new demands from gaming while others will just fall away from the hobby and it's their biggest challenge to keep what they gained/found and if Sony looks to be taking some of these away while having many of their own PS2 gamers upgrade then it could be big challenging news for Ninty and Wii-despite the huge lead. They'll need towatch and for now they can afford to but noone saw their success coming so would a turnaround in the other direction shock us so much, however unlikely?Might we see the new Wii sooner than later? Or there may be a Wii HD/HDD add on that competes for price while boosting memory and resolution but not bothiing with what makes PS360 games so complex and dear to make(the extra processing power)?

MS will wait to see if the spike has legs and it's important to them as well who's buying all these PS3s all of a sudden as if it's mainly PS2 owners and 360 owners going multi/PS3 then as well as hurting consoe sales it would eat their game sales too. They'll need to see if their cut will work and for how long as well. MA will have all eventualities planned for, no doubt, and it'll be inmteresting to see wht they do and what impact Natal and it's software has when it arrives as it doesn;'t seem time for a 720 any time before that now.

Sony will be pleased with the surge in sales but have been hurt this generation(by their own actions AND by clever opposition as well as a disdainful western media, imo)and have learned not to count on anything of late. If this is the long awaited sweet oprice for converting those gazillion PS2 gamers over to this gen AND a few Wii gamers then Sony COULD have a chance at narrowing the huge divide to Wii as well as competing more closely in total sales with 360-we'll see. However Sony still have GT5 and GOW3 to land this gen and both could support sales in big ways. things, possibilities are opening up a liottle for them on the back of the Slim but they won't be counting chickens and noone should on their behalf-they're still way back with ground to make up.

Any other games cinsole maker I wouldn't have a hope for but Sony have the experience and hardware making nous to really compete even from 3rd place and we should NEVER forget the number of gamers who love(d) their PSx and PS2 who are only now joining us this gen. Remember, also, that Sony have kept in the game even at a price way above their competitors, know more than anyone what it takes AND, most importantly, have streamlined their whole business no end followin some bad results on the back of getting flabby(as a corporation)on years of success and are now at a great fighting weight.

Obviously I don't have a clue yet, and nor does anyone, but finally the best has stirred and however disyany we might feel the Wii or even 360 may be at least Sony have now got the gloves off and this generation could still be a two or threeway fight depending on who's buying and how long before the next console arrives. It's getting pretty interesting anyway and to discount anything would be the same as writing offf the Wii, like many of us did, before it's launch. We just never know-hence Pachter and Co always getting this gen wrong.

badz1493789d ago

back to the topic, the PS3 launches at $600 and becoming the 3rd fastest selling console of all time but that was because of the hype and later on it was hit hard by its own pricing and slowing down in sales! after a $100 price cut in 2007 and the release of the stripped down 40GB, the sales went up again for a while but not for long and it still got beaten hard by the Wii and 360 during Christmas. it gained momentum earlier in 2008 until half way before the 360 price cut which off-set the advantage and still getting smoked by Christmas 2008!

now, with the introduction of the slim, it seems like the 360's price adjustment is not enough to stop it at the moment and sales have been great! but I personally think that this is a NORMAL temporary boost due to the new model and it's NOT YET guaranteed to last for a very long time. the popularity and sales of the Wii is unprecedented (especially selling 2+ millions in NA last Christmas alone) and to think that the PS3 will likely to make the same impact is naive - at least for the time being while the system is still new!

it's still an open game for all 3 console makers this year and to declare victory or worst by saying any console is doomed is just childish and naive! but all the best for Sony and here's hoping for more people buying the new PS3 and more great games! this generation has been AWESOME all along and is going to get even more AWESOME from now on!

shadow27973789d ago

$99 Wii would rock the world. Ironically, that's probably close to it's actual value AND it would put pressure on Sony's PS2.

A drop to $150 would also be a smart move, but it wouldn't have quite the same impact.

Nintendo has this gen in the bag. But at least people are mentioning the PS3 in the same sentence as the Wii. That's a good sign for Sony.

Raz3789d ago

Comparing apples with shovels. ..So to speak.

Narutone663789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

"We've only just begun...."

3789d ago
fm813788d ago

wii panic for what..51 million wii sold n only 24 million ps3 sold,wii av a lead that ps3 cannot catch up accept ps3 is on the market for 15 yrs,most system lifecycle is about 5 to 6 yrs n ps3 n 360 5 to 8 yrs eh,now do the math buddy,slim sales will eventually slow down n will not be able to catch up,when this console war is over,ps3 will probly sell 35 million n wii 60 mill..lets not forget xbox 360,better games n better future lineup o games than ps3,that will be the system that will come close to wii mate..not ps3..also why is sony say slim will be bundle wit a game next month,LOL,they know slim sales will probly that good eh,so lets bundle it wit a game to keep sales better,that me friend is a desperate move ennit..

IdleLeeSiuLung3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Fact of the matter is the Wii isn't selling on price alone, but

a) a unique featore, obviously the motion control, that no other console currently has

b) a large software library that is compatible with the motion controls

c) a large library of well known ip's that many fans remember (even Sony with the largest one after Nintendo can't match Nintendo in this area)

d) Word of mouth already established. As more and more Wiis are sold, more and more the word will spread. Everyone loves Wii Sport and that has held sold many consoles. None of the other consoles can match the Wii's reputation as the motion controlled console.

I don't think Sony can compete with Nintendo on motion controls and the only one they can win over now are the hardcore crowd, the crowd that Nintendo ignored. MS might have a chance since they have completely new innovative controls, but even then the chances are slim.

Nintendo will be number 1 this generation. Get used to it and move on, but frankly I don't really care who is number one. Just as long as I have games I want to play.

lightningsax3788d ago

It's a little funny to hear about PS3 possibly beating the Wii and somehow winning a console war between the two systems that doesn't exist. It's comparing, as previously said, apples to shovels, or a 24-volume life sciences encyclopedia to Twilight.

I see the Wii much more as a toy that gets some upgrades every so often than a PC-esque gaming monster. That's not a bad thing at all, it's a cash machine for Nintendo and a lot of fun, but it doesn't have the depth of a PS3 or 360 to the point that they're completely different entities. It's more in the same market as an Asus Eee, iPod Nano, or Moon Shoes. A bit useless, a bit overpriced, but still pretty awesome.

@Time Lord - Best screen name ever. Get a Doctor icon NOW!!

3787d ago
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Missan3789d ago

It's time for a price cut nintendo. MS already failed. You still got a chance. A very slim chance though. PS3 pwning the competition!

3789d ago
MegaPowa3789d ago

you not being a real gamer Confirmed.

General Jewels3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

woah first time ever PS3 done good in sales. LOL

it wont last long anyways PS3 already is out of the next gen wars, they have failed, they should get thier act togther for PS4, dont know why PS3 fans so happy, LOL they far behind competition, just because thier been a sales spike, doesnt mean it affected xbox 360 and Wii LOL they done thier sales already, PS3 failed all this time thats why people are impressed LOL in terms of sales PS3 out of this gen. failed miserably

1. Nintendo Wii
2. Xbox 360
3. Nintendo DS
4. PS2
5. PSP
6. PS3

yep owned by thier own consoles. LOL

General Jewels3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

they seem to cater for the PS3 fans deleteing Xbox fans comments, it looks like Halo did mess up PS3 heads and thier fans badly, it crashed them into particles. Halo destroyed PS3, when ODST comes out, wheres your pretty Slim gonna be then LOL.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3788d ago

||.........___||.......____|| SLIM will...P!SS all over the erm!!! ;-D

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Ron_Burgundy3789d ago

in a quick turn of events the PS3 will become 1st this gen, more at 10

UnSelf3789d ago

thats old news

it been said that they were goin to be first

Kill Crow3788d ago

and review after the holiday season shal we .... all new consoles and prices drops have a sales spike ...

Missan3789d ago

I'd say Sony has a 75% chance of beating Nintedo for two reasons:

1. PS2 was seen as a casual/hardcore console, so now that PS3 is cheaper a lot of those casuals will start moving to Ps3

2. The wii will start selling less as the Ps3 increases. Sony will support the PS3 for 10 years thus if everything goes okay they should sell 100 million consoles or more beating nintendo.

xtreampro_REVENGE3789d ago

This is very true and here's proof

Google Trends is updated by Day, Month & year and the chart posted above is very up to date.

Knghtz3788d ago

Google trends != Sales...