Final Fantasy XIII's Serah Revealed

First images of FF13 party member Serah have reached the net in the form of screencaps from the TGS 2009 trailer.

Here's the first glimpse of Serah, who has been confirmed to be Snow's squeeze.

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Vivi3795d ago

Here is part of the trailer leak showing her-

So amazing.

dgroundwater3795d ago

Yeah it looks pretty interesting despite it's shortness.

TheCagyDies3794d ago

I love the part where Snow and Serah were on the flying car driving through the fireworks. That reminded me of Disney's Aladdin... But btw, Serah looks a lot like Lightning, maybe they are sisters...

3794d ago
topdawg1223794d ago

Lightning and serah are sisters and she's snow's fiancee

arxeza3794d ago

@MAiKU I thought Tidus' death was fair sadder than Aerith's, even though it was the ending. Only if you ignore X-2 however =P.

freeblue3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

just imagine those two pictures are from a new game. now.. do they really look good??? ignore all the FF13 text. and just look at teh pictures.

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Peter North3795d ago

Not available on 360 version due to RROD

GiantEnemyCrab3794d ago

This character will be available in both versions.

NaiNaiNai3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )



don't even try to use the excuse 360 is gimping the ps3.

heck I don't care, I'm only posting this because of those idiots that say the 360 is limiting the game, when clearly its not.

angel6043794d ago

what are you trying to prove? they both look good and didnt wkc come out in 07, just taking a helluva long time to localize. we will never know the truth so dont let it bother you it doesnt matter at the end of the day, just play the game

Obama3794d ago

FF13 is GIMPED since the earlier footage looks better than the older ones. For the record nobody is saying how WKC is the best looking game ever.

NaiNaiNai3794d ago

by your knowledge the ps3 has been gimped since day 1, because killzone 2 original videos sure don't look like the ingame, *turst me those fire effects in the game look worse*, along with the smoke, oh how about that FF7 tech demo, not even one game on the ps3 has looked that good.

according to the way you think the ps3 is trash because its yet to get exactly what was promised.

angel6043794d ago

well thats the example everyone is going to use, and trust me ive played killzone 2 and the game still looks incredible they may have aimed for the stars on the target render but ended up with the sky

we all know that was cgi rendering so it was going to be pretty tough, but was the initial videos of ff13 cg target renders or in game, i think thats were everyones gripe is coming from

its not even out so we'll just have to wait and see,

you believe its not gimped others believe it is. But its peoples opinions and no matter what kind of proof anybody gives its not gonna changes peoples *Opinions*

freeblue3794d ago

tell me again.. do those pictures look anything like that FF13 you posted???

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Timesplitter143794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

FF13 girls are looking pretty sexay so far.

I know it's Square-Enix, but.... I'm really tempted to buy it.

ThanatosDMC3794d ago

I just hope it's better story driven. I've been playing FF12 and i dont even feel like i need to care for the story and im just trying to lv up and get all those boxes on the grid.

angel6043794d ago

i actually agree with that point, ffxii was such a dissapointment as i waited so long for a new ff after 10 (could careless about XI) or x-2 for that matter

they shouldnt håve online ff numbered

FFX great story one of my top games ever XII not so much even though i did like the pirate and the bunny girl (forgot there names)

ThanatosDMC3794d ago

It's Fran and she's way older than 50yrs old. The characters voices and the music's sounds really weird... i know it's compressed... but it was just horribly done.

Yes, i agree. FFX is way better.

topdawg1223794d ago

I agree FFX is still my favorite even though a lot don't like it. I literally cried in the ending and one of my fav games of all time fo sho

FinalFantasyFanatic3794d ago

I pretty much agree with you on that. FF12 was one of the worst for me and I struggled to finish it because I greatly disliked the plot/characters, it's pretty much the most forgettable FF for me.

angel6043794d ago

ahh so i wasnt the only one who noticed that the voices seemed a bit off, and ill man up i did cry also at the end of ffx, probably would again if i played it

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Ninji3794d ago

Whatever happened to the interesting characters that were in previous games like FF7 & FF8? FF13's characters just look uninteresting. It's like you don't want to know more about them nor do would you feel any kind of connection to them. I thought only the first few characters they showed were going to be dull but it looks like all the character will be uninteresting and the environments shown so far look boring so it's just going to be a bunch of uninteresting characters wandering around a boring environment.

topdawg1223794d ago

They should have some sort of beastlike character like Kimahri from FFX and Red13 from VII. I always like those kind of characters for some reason

angel6043794d ago

cuz there badass thats why kimahri was a great guardian type of character, if he was a human i dont think it would have been the same,

i ff with out beast characters is like a ff with out cid and chocobos

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