ResumePlay presents: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

ResumePlay's Jack Patton writes: "Announced in the wake of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Peace Walker is the canonical sequel to PSP's Portable Ops. It moves on four years from the events at the San Hieronymo Peninsula to 1974. Now more grizzly than ever, Big Boss is in Costa Rica as the head of a mercenary group called 'Militaires Sans Frontières'. A french translation of 'Military without borders'. As Costa Rica had no military at the time, it was seen as easy pickings. An uknown military power takes over, and it's up to Big Boss to save the day."

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Bagogames3786d ago

I had doubts about casting the next Bigb Boss game on the PSP, and giving it a lower budget, but the MGS4 team are REALLY doing an amazing job on this. The more I see the better it looks.

Bad news is...I need to get my PSP back, after a damn near permant 'loan' to my mate -___-

brandynevils3786d ago

I don't even own a PSP, but I like how this game is starting to look. I might have to barrow my bff's psp, and play it. How much are PSP games usually?

sacton33786d ago

Most Certainly looking forward to this.

Myth-Psn3786d ago

Is it just me - or should this title not be on consoles?(ps3 specifically)It seems vastly more interesting, unique and fun than rising, which is an obvious spin off, i think kojima would rather "finish the saga" on atleast the ps brand, resulting in its current psp form and the spin off as a multiplatform release.

SRosenberg3786d ago

Seems like a good idea, but not enough for me to buy the PSP.....especially the PSP Go.

3786d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.