Destructoid: Critter Crunch Hands-on

Destructoid writes: "If Critter Crunch, an upcoming arcade puzzle game for the PlayStation Network, was on the Penny Arcade Expo show floor last weekend, I would have nominated it for Game of The Show. Granted, a puzzler might not have stood up to the incredible games on the floor this year, but I think it would have held its own. Capabara Games had previously released Critter Crunch for the iPhone, and it's a great game on that platform, but the PlayStation Network version is on a totally different level. This game looks beautiful and plays beautifully, and we were extremely impressed during our hands-on experience. This is the puzzle gaming experience to beat".

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Godmars2903794d ago

Not like it does anything major, yet I swear its been over a year since I heard about this game.

callahan093794d ago

You seen the videos? The visuals are amazing, it's really got a lot of impressive 2-dimensional style going on, tons of effects, etc. They're adding a lot of content and play modes, and online gameplay, etc. Developing a game takes a lot of work, and this is a pretty small development studio that started out making mobile phone games. Patience. It'll come out soon, and it'll be a great puzzler.