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Music Legends "Irritated" by Music Games

GrE writes, "With the release of Rock Band: The Beatles only hours away, a couple of famous non-Beatles affiliated musicians saw it only fit to express their displeasure toward music video-games such as the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series. On the eve of the Beatles' next milestone to further immortality, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and ex-Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman spoke out against the wildly successful franchises..."

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CrAppleton3814d ago

I can't believe musicians could be this ignorant to popular culture.

flankhim3814d ago

Maybe kids don't want to play the real guitar to begin with? These games might get them to want to learn the real thing someday.

maxbyte3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

This is as if professional car drivers would start to put down driving games. Bah! Ridiculous. This is what I call Old-men-totally-detached-from- contemporary-world-who-used-to- be-musicians-issuing-statements -as-if-anyone-gives-a-damn-for- their-opinion.

djfullshred3814d ago

This isn't about musicians being ignorant to pop culture. Successful commercial musicians are very saavy about pop culture, and thus very protective in not wanting pop culture to trivialize their work into a commercial product it was never originally conceived for. Those that create music have the right to express their opinions that they think these rhythm games are just making a lazy buck, while taking great music out of context from being a purley listening experience, and turning it into just background sounds for a button tapping game.

We shouldn't complain about musicians feeling this way. The very demanding artistic attitudes they have are what drive them to make great uncompromising music.

Poopface the 2nd3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

that these games can introduce people to music taht they have never heard before. most of these people wouldnt start playing an instrument anyways.

I have NEVER played any of these music games. Not even once when all my roomates were all playing them. I have no desire to play them. Even though I wouldnt play them, I will never tell others what they can or cant play.

These guys need to get off there high horse. I dont see them complaining about schools cutting music programs. Just some butthurt guy angry because his kid spends time playing fake instruments instead of real ones.

Once again, the kid wouldnt have it if his rich parents didnt buy him these things. Typical bad parent, angry because his kid is using something taht they bought them or angry because the kid has no desire to follow in his footsteps.

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wondroushippo3814d ago

I'm with Alex Rigopulas on this one - this is getting people interested in playing instruments, and it's increasing their exposure to music and music concepts (especially the way that tracks are layered and come together) - this is a case of old people being old.

Neco5123814d ago

The interest is what will keep music going strong for ages to come... well that and getting laid is much easier when you can play guitar!

wondroushippo3814d ago

Yeah, clearly that's the only good reason to pick up guitar - get laid. The music comes second, and isn't the whole point of making music to get laid?

Baka-akaB3814d ago

I dont think we should care if it brings people to real instruments or not .. it's positive but only a indirect result .It's a solid but useless defense here . And it isnt the purpose .

What matters here , is it's a game period , it's entertainement .

If we spent as much time on learning instruments rather than games ? Well what if those geezers listened to their parents instead and spent more efforts on school than playing guitar or drums , would they be where they are now ?

ammonator3814d ago

The last paragraph has it right, bitter old men wishing they could make more money reselling songs they wrote decades ago.

PirateThom3814d ago

Yeah, imagine artists wanting money for the songs they wrote instead of it going to the record lable.

Spolodaface3814d ago

What is it with famous people slamming these games of which they seem to know little to nothing about. Same goes for those promoting the games - we're buying it whether you support it or not. What we're not buying is your bullshit trying to tell us what to do. We get it, you're famous, now leave us alone and we'll leave you to your riches.

Baka-akaB3814d ago

i never got that either ... who buy games according to which celebrity (who got nothing to do with games) endorse them ? Seems like wasted money when what generated sales among the masses to begin with , like for the ds or wii , were it's unique features , not the faces on some adds .

supercharger51503814d ago

I was bathing in my money yesterday and got a paper cut!

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