Shut Yer Mouth - WoW Getting Too Easy

John Landis writes:

"Wrath of the Lich King was a firestorm of tears from the hardcore, who complained that their elite raiding guild found the content too easy and didn't take enough skill or time to master. Now I see it all the time. There are people complaining that WoW has gotten too soft, that it's not the hardcore game that it started out being.

Excuse me?


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L80BelfDK3792d ago

LOLS. It's so true it hurts!

kwicksandz3791d ago

wow has been ez mode since BC and dailys

Nikuma3791d ago

..but it was more hardcore than it is now. The game now spoonfeeds you everything and there is zero challenge. WoW was fun when it came out... now it's garbage imo. Author needs to shut his mouth honestly.

Celeras3791d ago

Author is f*cking clueless. Compare to progression of Vanilla, or the High Warlord grind to ANYTHING nowadays.. and you'll see where all the complaints come from. It's not brain surgery.

evrfighter3791d ago

I played wow at launch. Was part of the 2nd wave of people to hit 60. It wasn't hardcore. didn't even feel like grinding tbh...

spacetoilet3791d ago

But WoW is a fantastic game and has been somewhat 'nerfed' by each patch that comes along. Getting epic mount at 40 was just stupid.
The game still has a TON of things to achieve and do, but it seems as time goes on, they take things away and simplify rather than add any complexity or improve what it has.
Is that because gamers nowadays are pussies? probably.
I'm OG! Old as the hills and from a time when games were HARD AS F()CK!! None of this beat the game first time through with your infinite continues and save points. Sheeeeeeeeit.
......grumble....pussies..... youth of today.......sigh.

Redempteur3791d ago

ZOMG a game lost his balance after adding too much skills and items ?

Wait .it always happens ... Wow won't be the exception ..

Wow is getting easy ? Isn't players who know the game better now ? Would have it been better if blizzard made Near impossible challenges just that it will :
-disgust new players
-disgust old players
-have people complaining ( not that they aren't already, check the official foroms since each patch is the start of an endless discution on how some skill were nerfed and people complaining because they are too dumb to change their skills and adapt )

Yeah yeah is not getting easy ... You just have played wow too much .. I suggest you all to play something else

3791d ago
Lumbo3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Author is clueless. The next step Blizzard will take is put an NPC in front of the instances that simply GIVES you the desired loot to spare you the boring act of walking through the already completely challenge-less dungeon.

The whole concept of WOW is grinding for gear, as gear is everything in this game.

By making the process of getting gear píss poor easy they managed to take away 90% of the games playtime. The last addon was only good for 1 - 2 month, by then even the most lazy and dumb player managed all instances and had gear of a level that would have taken half a year before.

Sadly that reduces the game to 1-2 month of play after a new ad-on, and then 10 month of more boredom waiting for the next ad-on ...

Sorry, but thats not worth the monthly fee, so i quit a while ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.