360 vs PS3 - Which Offers a Better Home Theater Experience?

Part two of the comparative look at the Xbox 360 Elite and the PlayStation 3, and which system offers the optimal home theater experience. The PlayStation 3 offers Blu-ray, but what does the Xbox 360 bring to the table? Is it enough to counter Sony's high-definition disc format?

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D4RkNIKON3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

BluRay is better than DVD in video and audio quality. Both systems can stream content from PC to the console but xbox can not copy the content to the HDD where PS3 can. The only way to get music onto 360 is to use a physical CD where PS3 is more friendly to digital media. In this department, Sony wins. Netflix is the only thing that 360 has over PS3 and I personally don't really care about that. Call me a pirate but I download movies on the PC and watch them on my PS3 for free with great quality and ease.

54percent3786d ago

yeah, you can bring all your stuff in a USB and plug it into any PS3, I hope they put support for the MKV files

D4RkNIKON3786d ago

Ah yes, USB is another method of transfer to the PS3. USB HDD, PSP, or even card readers.

Godmars2903786d ago

If you're counting PC streaming, Playon, then Netfilx is a factor on the PS3. Even if the feed isn't in HD.

Karum3786d ago

You can use media server programs to stream mkv files and they will transcode it on the fly, allowing you to watch it via your PS3 onto your big screen TV.

This one allows you to do it, I've used it myself - http://ps3mediaserver.blogs...

I think TVersity might do it, PlayOn might do it too but I'm not certain about those two. The one I linked definitely does though.

umair_s513786d ago

PS3 is almostly better than 360 in every aspect, except maybe Live.

masterg3786d ago


I used to use Tversity myself.
PS3 Java Media Server is 10 times better.
It can play anything. I havent tried a single file it could not play.
Even if the PS3 says it cant play the file, the Java server simply sends a playable stream in one second.

Boody-Bandit3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

The PS3 hands down is better for HT.
That isn't an opinion but a stone cold fact.

cmrbe3786d ago

The only problem though is you pay for xboxlive which kinda even its out with PSN for me.

CadDad3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I have netflix (and every other video and audio stream) capability on my PS3. It's a little more work than on the xbox, but I don't need windows to do it. (I use a linux media server) It works on mac, windows, and linux.


WenisWagon3786d ago

My video on demand service beats both.

Armyless3786d ago

that you don't have to listen to your movies over the roar of a Jet Engine on the PS3.

darthv723786d ago

The home theatre advantage goes to ps3 for the single reason of bluray. Other than that they are on par with each other from the various media formats (divx, avi, wmv etc) to the different delevery methods (disc, usb, streaming from pc).

You could factor in hddvd as there are still movies available (no new ones being created) yet it is a dead format. Equal in almost every way to blu but still a dead format.

Why would someone go to the trouble of making such a one sided topic of interest? They know the answer yet still they question.

jammy_703786d ago

if you have 1 or the other.... your lucky!

FamilyGuy3786d ago

What a stupid question, the answer is obvious.

N4G king3786d ago

" Which Offers a Better Home Theater Experience?"

PS3 hands down

edgeofblade3786d ago

I would give PS3 Blu-ray. But, believe it or not (for the majority of PS3 fanboys, I'm guessing "not"), I have had more luck streaming content to my 360. When I get an unsupported message on PS3, about 50% of them play on the 360 instead. Also, if you are so equipped, Windows Media Center is a nice alternative to a DVR.

HammockGames3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

<=== Can't believe there is even a question 'bout this one.

There is really no debate to be had. I own both, but my PS3 takes care of all home theater duties for two reasons.
#1 Blu Ray is a beautiful thing
#2 My PS3 doesn't drown out the audio

CadDad3786d ago

Works really well, from the most common OS's.

1. Install server on computer and share a folder.
2. Place media in folder.
3. Watch media on PS3.

I haven't had a single file that didn't work this way. I've even browsed zip file archives of photos and it streams a thumbnail from the zips. Pretty cool.


Thugbot1873786d ago

360 by far and here’s why; the 360 can is a Media Center extender, if your PC has BLURAY you have it on your 360 now. You can watch any Recorded TV or Live by your PC and Media Center; you have tons of Media Center plug-in that allow you to watch things like YouTube, use things like Skype, and stream Pandora. They also have a plug-in for Hulu on the way with tons of other ones. The ability to watch Netflix movie with your friends is killer. Watching Netflix through a browser isn’t the same as watching it through the 360 viewer. I can also stream music from Media Player and Zune. Any movies you cannot find on Netflix you can download from MS store and watch them. Best part it can all be done from your 360 controller without switching input signals on your other remotes to go to satellite, watch it from your 360 while being connected to all your friends.

A browser would be nice if the 360 had a browser wait Media Center has a plugin for that, that allows you to do that from the 360.

Don't believe me check it out for youself, and by the way this is how I run things.

BattleAxe3786d ago

1. Blu-Ray
2. PS3 runs alot quieter
3. PS3 looks way better

badz1493785d ago

Bluray is one thing but to be able to play any type of media files by streaming thru ps3mediaserver is AWESOME! it also supports 7.1 surround although not that many people have that setup but it still have the edge compared to 360!

Sarcasm3785d ago

I don't care about all that extra stuff TBH.

7.1 support and DTS-HD MA/DolbyTruHd does it for me. On the PS3 of course.

morganfell3785d ago

No Thugbot. PS3 Media Center owns the Windows Media Center.

In addition you can use



Nero Media Home,

Twonky Media Server,

and a few others to stream media to the PS3. This includes online media in several of the above apps.

ThanatosDMC3785d ago

What a stupid article... which one has bluray?

TheReaper423785d ago

This is a no brainer. Anyways, just to clear things up. I have an I7 pc and the transcoding quality through streaming is NOT better than the pure BluRay experience.

Thugbot1873785d ago

@morganfell Vuze, TVersity, Nero Media Home 4 (I’ve owned this busted peace of crap and Windows Media Center is way better), and Twonky Media all work on the 360.

As for ps3mediaserver you have got to be kidding me that’s pretty much home brew freeware it’s a hobby to program application for the ps3 software; there is also support for the 360. Reading what this software does it doesn’t come close to all the different things you can do with Media Center. Honestly give me a break.

You clearly have not used Media Center and have no idea what you’re talking about; media center can do all the things that these applications can do and more. That means I just cut out the need for 5 different applications of varying quality. Windows Media Center is an enterprise level application and very stable not only that the interface is design is smooth for navigation with a controller or a remote control.

vhero3785d ago

The article is spot on except the ps3 has net player meaning it can get feeds from places other than netflix. People think netflix is the only place on the planet that streams movies....

morganfell3785d ago

I'm sorry Mr Ray Charles, did I say they didn't work on the 360? here, let me put that braille in for you. It doesn't matter if they work on the 360. The fact that they work on the PS3 yanks the sole advantage out form under the 360. Good luck with your last gen machine.

Thugbot1873785d ago

It doesn't yonk any advantage away because they only do a 1/4 of what Media Center does.I realize there is no point in fighting with someone who is going to say PS3 no matter what. Use it before you dis it.

3785d ago
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Ron_Burgundy3786d ago

I never once said RRoD would be part of my home theater experience! :P

most bots like RRoD though

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DonCorneo3786d ago

the loud brokebox dvd drive drowns out the sound so that's the only way you can hear the movies you are watch.

ZBlacktt3785d ago

PS3 comes with Wi-Fi standard.... Blu-ray standard.... Sony owns Sony pictures and Sony record label........ Sony manufactures High-end TV's, MP3 player's, digital camera's and video recording devices. I think when it comes to who owns in this department. Sony has had it covered for many years hands down.

Gamer_Politics3786d ago

360 has the edge because of Netflicks which can stream HD movies/shows

Johnny Rotten3786d ago

Netflix is useless if you live outside of the US.

D4RkNIKON3786d ago

Don't make me laugh, my sides hurt.

Ninji3786d ago

PS3 has a web browser and it can do the same things you mentioned (except for free). There goes the 360's "edge".

Pennywise3786d ago


Keep grasping. You will surely find a nice straw.

Kamikaze1353786d ago

If you have no internet connection or a bad connection, then streaming is useless.

ChozenWoan3786d ago

if you have poor or no internet connection there goes NetFlix streaming, which leaves you with DVD vs DVD + Blu-Ray.

Missan3786d ago

lmao at the bot. It seems bots rent movies instead of buying games. ME sold only 2 million lmao what a flop buy your games bots.

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DJ3786d ago

Which means you need PS3. Simple.

Marquis_de_Sade3786d ago

While games are a matter of opinion, surely this subject isn't even up for debate?

Simon_Brezhnev3786d ago

i know right its more like common sense