Wii Smash: Is Nintendo's Latest Truly Groundbreaking? (opinion)

From GameDaily : "When Nintendo first started talking about the Revolution, I was really hoping that the company would be able to pull out of last place in the console race and really give Sony and Microsoft a run for their money. Back in the day, I was an avid Nintendo fan, owning an original Nintendo Entertainment System and a Super Nintendo as well. I was even one of those people who argued with the Sega Genesis crowd over which console was the superior one. But things started to go downhill when I picked up my Nintendo 64 and sometime later, my imported Nintendo GameCube.
My disappointment in the GameCube and N64 was soon a distant memory when I learned that I would be able to play classic NES and SNES titles on my Revolution. Even Nintendo changing the name of the console to the Wii didn't affect my overall outlook. I'm not a fan of the Wii name, but I don't really care what the system is called, it's about what the system can do and how the games play. Unfortunately, when I finally got my hands on Wii titles in pre-E3 events and again at E3 2006, I was more than disappointed in what Nintendo has coming our way in just a few short months."

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