The Era of Digital Distrubution

With almost everyone connected to the internet these days many companies are thriving off of selling things to you in digital formats. With iTunes and other online music stores the sales of music from physical stores are plummeting. Now movies are also starting to go digital as well, whether streaming over Hulu or buying a digital copy off of iTunes. But farther in the future it looks as though another type of media is going to go fully digital, gaming.

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Nihilism3790d ago

While there is a physical product, i will always buy that over digital, i have bought the sins of a solar empire dlc, and the fallout dlc...only because there was no other way

I got the impression with the red alert 3 dlc that they had held back content specifically for the dlc expansion so i didn't buy that, so anyone that knows a torrent link for just the expansion, pm me....greedy companies should not profit from selling gimped content later on cough the sims cough. ( coincidence that they are both EA published? i think not)