Release of the Week: The Beatles: Rock Band

GrE writes, "What happens when you mix the biggest name in music video games with the greatest band of all time? A really easy pick for the Release of the Week. Harmonix and MTV Games are giving us a game this week that follows the Beatles from their first album to their last. This game marks the first time that Beatles music will be available in a music video game, and Beatlemania is going crazy!..."

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Haly3788d ago

Can't wait to buy this tomorrow!

roblef3788d ago

Already played! Writing the review now!

killyourfm3788d ago

Already played, reviewed, and salivated on!

supercharger51503788d ago

gah, terrible. These guys don't need any more money!

roblef3788d ago

yeah, but we need more Beatles!

Neco5123788d ago

Bite your tongue! This game will be awesome.

Neco5123788d ago

This game looks so awesome.

roblef3788d ago

Best game ever. this WILL sell consoles.

MaCkTeHkNiFe3788d ago

Although The Beatles music being in Rock Band is pretty epic, I can say with 100% certainty that this game is PISS-easy. The final song, Revolution,looks like it would fit on tier 3 or 4 at the most in Rock Band 2. But I suppose that doesn't really have bearing on the quality of the game, but it does cut the game's longevity pretty considerably.

Haly3788d ago

It's handy if like me you're pretty average at music games :D

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