Don't buy this game - GAM reviews Darkest of Days

Globe and Mail game reviewer writes:

I could go on to decry almost every aspect of my Darkest of Days experience, from the instruction booklet (which has all the panache of a motherboard operating manual) to its excruciatingly long loading times, but I think you probably get the idea: This is a really bad game. I can't imagine anyone-literally, anyone-enjoying it. It's the video game equivalent of Gigli, only worse because I have a friend who actually thought Gigli was okay.

I often feel badly about writing off in just a few paragraphs the hard work of developers who spend years of their lives working on game projects (8monkey Labs has apparently been working on Darkest of Days since 2006), but not this time. Part of my job is to help gamers make wise spending decisions, and putting out money for this shooter would be a bit like burning it.

Honestly, though, I'm more disappointed in Microsoft than the people who made Darkest of Days. The console gaming giant should be ashamed to have licensed it for the Xbox 360. It acts as proof that the bar to entry for their machine is unfortunately low; that Redmond is more interested in quick profits than ensuring the people who purchase their hardware are offered only quality software.

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