How Trophies are Ruining My Life

Being the genius that they are, Microsoft came up with the gamerscore. You see, Microsoft understood that gamers needed a standard to compare themselves to each other and be able to decide who was actually more hardcore because apparently beating games was not good enough. Then, Sony finally decided to hop on the band wagon with their trophy system, which is actually more addicting than the gamerscore because Sony gives you a little added bonus for acquiring all the trophies for a specific game… the glorious Platinum trophy. This is where my downfall began…

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josuttis3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

"Microsoft came up with the gamerscore"


It's called a high score table. Been in games going all the way back to the earliest days of gaming.

Sony and Insomniac invented the modern concept of Trophies all the way back in the late 1990s in the Spyro the Dragon games:

"You have earned a Skill Point"

sound familiar?

Microsoft botched that concept when they copied Sony's Skill Points and renamed them 'achievements' with the utterly pointless 'gamerscore'. A silly numeric value that means nothing other than how many games you were willing to buy to make that number bigger.

It's no wonder that Sony got Trophies right with the PS3 since they are they company that invented the concept. The various Trophy levels let you immediately get an idea of what type of gamer a person is:

- Mostly Bronze Trophies - casual player

- Mix of Bronze and Silver Trophies - serious gamer, but not really hardcore

- Multiple Platnium Trophies - elite gamer who has the skills to finish games on the hardest mode and perform all the challenges the game had to offer

You would think Microsoft would have learned from their mistakes with their poor attempt at copying Sony's Skill Point system and fixed their skill point(aka achievements) system up to Sony's Trophy standards.

Wiinsight3789d ago

I'm with jossutis. High score tables are all you need. Microsoft ruined games with their achievements, and Sony's just adding fuel to the fire.

Its just like those trophies little kids get for showing up to a tee ball game. You played the game, whoopty do, here's a trophy, feel good about yourself and keep playing. Good games don't need artificial little tasks to make you feel good about yourself, they have sweet glowing stars and pieces of triforce to go find.

ATY3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

How badly Microsoft got wrong their copy of Sony's Spyro the Dragon's Skill Points is a perfect illustration of the different philosophies about gaming Sony and Microsoft have.

Skill Points in the Spyro the Dragon games was something above and beyond the game to extend the value of the game and give a sense of satisfaction to the gamer of accomplishing something.

Sony's various trophy levels show that focus on the gamer that Sony is so well known for. The Platinum trophies you get really mean something to other gamers.

Microsoft on the other hand, took the Skill Point concept Sony had invented and saw it as a way to up their attach rate and get people to buy garbage games just to inflate their stupid gamerscore.

josuttis3789d ago

The only things I would like to see added/changed to Sony's Trophy System would be:

1. Mini-Platniums for PSN games(actually sub-full price games) so you can still get that sense of completion.

2. Enforcement that companies don't do something silly like throw in a Trophy like Motorstorm 2 had where it requires you to actually have 4 controllers for one stupid little Bronze Trophy.

3. Platinum Tropies only come from single player Trophies for all but entirely multiplayer games like Warhawk. Or have two different Plats for single player and multi.

3789d ago
Silellak3789d ago

There's no question that Microsoft came up with the concept of a cross-game "score" that keeps track of certain things you've done done in every game you've played. It's not comparable to a "high score table" unless you ACTUALLY care about the numerical value of the gamer score. Regarding Trophies vs. Achievements, it's really just a personal preference.

Me? I just like unlocking things, so I guess I prefer Trophies a tiny bit more to Achievements (because I love Achievements, but hate the idea of a Gamer Score), but both of them add replayability, and for that I can't complain.

I do hate when games have really-hard-to-get multiplayer achievements/trophies, though. Lamesauce.

SillyBastid3789d ago

the platinum is truly genius

Vicodin3789d ago

"There's no question that Microsoft came up with the concept of a cross-game "score""

Yeah, golf clap Microsoft. You're one innovation is completely pointless and lame.

"Hey dude! What's your gamerscore??? I hope it's not bigger than mine!!!"

CadDad3789d ago

I got a little sick to my stomach when I read that and realized I've done most of the same things....

6 plats and counting! I know it's weak, but I'm old and not ashamed. ;)


gemc6663789d ago

"- Mostly Bronze Trophies - casual player

- Mix of Bronze and Silver Trophies - serious gamer, but not really hardcore

- Multiple Platnium Trophies - elite gamer who has the skills to finish games on the hardest mode and perform all the challenges the game had to offer"

Sorry, i have to disagree there, there's hardcore and elite gamers that are not trophy whores

because of your concept, technically a guy with 8 platinums or more, being 6-7 of casual games (hanna montana, hunting games, singing games, ice age, up, etc) is a elite gamer? F... that

this stupid thing about trophies should never had started, we were fine, what's the point of bragging "i have 19 platinums and i'm level 20!!11!!1!1ONE!!" if a person with much less than that can have more skills and style?

ReconHope3789d ago

anyone to play bionic commano rearmed on super hard. I just quit after a while before i broke my ps3 for a trophy

Redempteur3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

the platinium of wipeout HD for example is one of the hardest .. warhawk too . Knowing that you have them is a bliss .

It's not like "oh i got trophies" it's :

-OMG you got 100% on that game ... it was so hard how did you get that one ..
Some games take more time than others But what a bliss when you complete them

Having a platinium on SF4 is hard ( because of the trials mostly ).. same for warhawk ( if only you knew the amount of work you have to do before getting this one ). And mostly the people who are playing with you at these games will know how hard it was .. I'm satisfied and they are pleased ..

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jack_burt0n3789d ago

So gamers can compare how hardcore they are? no it was designed to try and kill the used market and stop people selling on their games just like dlc is.

The platinum addiction is pretty bad tho I love em >_<

ape0073789d ago

plain and simple

I just hate that BIG games like mgs4,cod4,ratchet,R1,heavenly sword etc... don't support them

konami please give us mgs 4 trophies

UnSelf3789d ago

i love the Platinum addiction but my only gripe wit it is that some games u must play online to receive em which i hate

raztad3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Agree. Online shouldnt be needed to get platinum. There are extreme cases like KZ2 where you need to be first in some scoreboard for a week. WTH?

I'm looking forward to inFAMOUS platinum I'm already pretty close. Even if trophies are addictive I still can play games just for fun. VC, R&C:ToD, HS, MGS4 and others are must buy even lacking trophies.

3789d ago
-EvoAnubis-3789d ago

A platinum trophy is for those that have mastered the ENTIRE game, not just the part they choose to play. If the game has online, then yeah, its trophies need to count for the platinum.

Vicodin3789d ago

I like the separate trophies for online and single player concept.

I would hate to see a single player focused game like Uncharted have a bunch of multiplayer trophies thrown in and deny huge numbers of fans the satisfaction of getting the Platinum for the game.

Redempteur3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

i have 349/350 shards in infamous and yes i dreamed in found the last one !!

And then i woke up went to the same space and it wasn't there ...

And that was the first time i dreamed about getting a trophy ..

Damn you infamous !! that game was just great

badz1493789d ago

LOL! that is funny! I'm halfway through inFAMOUS but I know I still have a long way to go because I'm still on my 1st play-through. the thing is, I really want to collect all the shards and dead drops in the 1st time around so I can rush the 2nd play-through faster but I already lost track of where to get them! I'm still in the 2nd island though but I really want the platinum for this game because it's AWESOME! I think, I'll give up on KZ2 platinum because I don't play online that much and I'm not that good ad shooting especially against other people online!

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DonCorneo3789d ago

it has a meaning, not just an arbitary number. the number of plats in your list shows how many games you have mastered/owned. it (almost always)requires skill and time to get it. a high gaymerscore could just mean thay you have played a lot of give but skill the hard parts/achievements.

PlayStation X3789d ago

Trophies are for the hardcore.

talltony3789d ago

I got tons of 1000 point gamerscore games but when you 100% with trophies you can just count the platinums very easily. Just got to beat batman AA on hard and I got another plat!

tehReaper3789d ago

Uhm no, trophies are NOT better than achievements. Sorry.

LiquifiedArt3789d ago

...but i agree with the authors sediments. I've had a hard time breaking the "this game doesn't have trophies, i don't want to play it." paradigm. I also find myself playing games carefully to gather all the trophies in the least amount of time, rather then play through the game once, then trophy hunt on 2nd playthrough etc...

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